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    mondeo TDSI 1800 08
  1. Fuel Consumption

    Thankyou for the info but i always got 300 from my other mondeos including the one i've got now but recently only getting 245.
  2. This is my 4th mondeo and always got about 300 miles to a tank including the one i've got now. Recently it's only doing 245 to the tank. WHY. It's gone through the test so it can't be emissions. I've changed the air filter and put injection cleaner in the tank, still the same. Can u help.
  3. Pollen Filter

    Thankyou very much, just 1 more thing, do you know weather it's got a timing chain same as the mk3 mondeo. Grantie.
  4. Pollen Filter

    I've got a mondeo 08 TDSI and i can't find the pollen filter, plz help.