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    yeah i will then do you think that it could be the ht leads/plugs if they line up ? there is no smoke when it gets up to the area of the rev range that has the problems so hopefully the timing will be slightly out, thanks for your advice

    Thanks for that i done the cambelt myself last time but f**k doing it again will let a garage do it this time! do you suggest maybe replacing the ht leads?? and plugs or something else? again regards for any info
  3. hi all i need some help, i have a ford escort on a 96 on a p-plate zetec-e done just over 80k and over the past few months it has developed a problem, the problem is that wether revving it on the spot or when driving in any gear it gets to about 3500 revs and feels guttless as if it is misfiring or the timing is out, it used to pink when picking up from low revs which made me think that the timing is out(apparently this engine keeps the timing in check itself??) but this seems to have gone away and this other problem in its place any help/advice would be appreciated