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  1. 32psi fuel pressure?

    32psi fuel pressure? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just checked the fuel pressure, at idle it is 32 lbs and pushing the throttle gives about 34-35 and then settles back to 32 while running. I don't know what the procedure is for testing, should i try anything else. 2001 zetec wagon 5 speed. Is this sufficiant pressure or will this explain a stall out problem i had at the top of a long hill (4000') where the car had to stop, rest a bit and then get a short distance where it began to sputter all over again. Luckily, I guess, i had a new fuel filter and jacked it up and changed on the side of the road. That seemed to cure it. I've not been back to replay the conditions but when i split the filter it was all clean and when i removed the pump the pick up screen and fuel tank were all clean. What else should i be testing? should i be testing while under load? Does this sound like a regulater set too low or failing? Oh ya I changed out all the old gas for new.