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  1. Dash Storage

    your mk1 must have been LHD drive then
  2. Dash Storage

    sorry pal, dont want you to think i was taking your glory or anything, just wanted to show that it could be done how you had done it.
  3. Dash Storage

    yes it can be retro fit, but it involves you cutting the dash board. If you take the speedo clocks out you can see markings that you have to take to cut the dash. There is a full guide to it on ffoc
  4. Ipod Ready Stereo

    sent you a PM!
  5. Adding Trip Computer

    Well to my disapointment, what I thought was the correct wire turned out not to be after I saw the pic in this thread. The wire I have is a small square with two wires going into it, it was taped in a similar location to where my computer plug should be. One of the wires are yellow, any ideas what this could be?