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  1. Heater blower direction

    Hi there it will be a cable or a resister on the back of the controls sharky
  2. Mondeo St24 knocking (HELP)!

    it sounds louder than the tappets n it sounds near valves
  3. Keys

    hello buddy i work at ford fobs cost 50 pound plus half hour labour
  4. ford new key price?

    Hay im sharky i work at ford. the spare key roughly costs £20 plus 30 mins labour time for programming. and remote is about £45 plus programming.
  5. i have a very misterious knocking from my car like a loud tapping appears to be coming from the top. the noise is slower than the engine idle but increces when you rev. it starts up everytime and all of a sudeen just started tapping. does anyone have any ideas or information? Sharky