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  1. 2000 Mk5 Fiesta Fuse Help Needed

    Hi, I currently have the reverse light out, also have the rear heated screen out. Haynes manual is doing nothing but confuse me. As the fuse diagram doesn't match the actual fuseboard. Anybody know if they are part of the same circuit? If so, where is the fuse located?
  2. Pressing Brake Causes Engine To Almost Stall

    How does the brake pedal feel when pressing it? How are the brakes performing when using?
  3. Cooling Issues??

    In theory, Is the part easy to replace by myself? This is assuming you have had experience of this sort of thing before?
  4. Cooling Issues??

    Also, I can provide photographic description if mine is a little sketchy... Thanks in Advance
  5. Cooling Issues??

    Hi Everybody, I hope somebody can help. Last week I noticed some steam from under the engine, upon inspection, I found that a hose which is attached the the cover of the heater matrix has split, and has come away from where it is supposed to be. It is located at the rear, centre of the engine bay, and has been leaking coolant and water, and drains fluid from the expansion tank, but is not leaking from any of the radiator ancillaries. My question is: What is this part called, and is it readily available from Auto Parts stockists, and is it easy to replace? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi, last night my headlight switch jammed in the on position, i wasn't able to turn off the headlights, I had to force the switch off so my battery wouldn't wear down. Now, I the headlights will only come on when i turn the switch twice... There are also no tail lights, no fogs, no light to illuminate the speedo, or no lights to any of the cars interior buttons... I think a fuse has gone, but have come on here for a second opinion...