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  1. 1.4 Tdci Engine Shaking From 1000-1500 Rpm

    Could you record a video with your engine idling and driving ? I think it will be very helpful for us to help you solve the problem.
  2. 1.4 Tdci Engine Shaking From 1000-1500 Rpm

    I think your engine is OK. Mine also shakes at that RPM range. I didn't noticed any other unusual symptoms. It has enough power, it is economical. So IMHO everything is OK.
  3. Hello Everybody

    Hi mates! As you can see I'm a new user of you board. I hope you will understand my !Removed! bad English (I'm from Poland ;)). So I also have a Ford car. I'm a very big fan of these cars. I own Ford Fiesta MK 6 produced in 2007 so, it's a face lifted model. I have few questions for you. Do your fiesta squeak inside ? I mean the doors are squeaking. I think the exact producers of this unpleasant noise is door seal. Could you tell me how to solve this problem ? The next question is about the gears. Sometimes I have a problem with shifting in to first or reverse. The reverse is cracking rarely, but it is. I will be very graceful for your every suggestion in these problem, which I have. At all this car is great. Small TDCi engine provides enough performance in urban conditions, but it lacks power at highway speeds ( 130 km/h in Poland ). All suggestions/opinions are welcome. :) P.S. Sorry for my language again.