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  1. Ford Fiesta '99 switches off while driving

    How can I reach the idle control valve?
  2. A/C circulation not working!!!

    I have replaced the Polen filter few weeks ago,it is new. How can I check that the operating cable is attached? thanks
  3. Ford Fiesta '99 switches off while driving

    Is it an easy DIY? or I should visit a workshop?
  4. Hi gurus, My '99 Fiesta has a wonderful A/C,unfortunately the air circulating stopped working,and air is coming from outside night and day :( ,smelling every inch in the street and making the fan blow so weak,is it an easy DIY? or will it cost me a pretty penny? thanks
  5. Hi all, am newbie here,hope you could be tolerent with me. I have Ford Fiesta '99,1.3 engine,after the engine warms up and while driving,when I come across junctions,I slow down I see the engine switches off !!!,this happens around 4 to 5 times a day,also I notice that it has rough idling,some told me it is the idle control,others told me it is the air mass. What do you think? Thanks in advance