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  1. not sure matey.....but i would advise to get componants for the rear not 6x9's the sound quality will be better.....and run them off a seperate amp
  2. good luck with that mate ...... i haven't seen that happen myself ..... doesn't sound like an easy job
  3. jujst made a change given an astra mk5 front splitter and i thought i might give it a whirl tell me what you think
  4. got one in line........ take a gander let me know
  5. nice one...... first thing first i got a few bits to do now..... rear axle bush o/s not a nice job...... done the n/s/r already what a pig ..... especially if ur a skin flint like me not wanting to pay a garage to do the work then its on to the body work....
  6. hi guy's new user here!!!!! i have got myself a 5dr fezzy mk4 but want to make a few mods .... i have already put un a set of 15" seven spoke alloys and lowering it in the next few weeks i am pondering with the idea to change the bumpers with some zetec-s one's would they bolt straight on or would i need to make any adjustments any advice is muchly appreciated thankyou