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  1. Don't know the part number because the better one I got was from eBay. I believe it was elites as 'wood strike and catch'
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Callipers

    I'm just broadening my search before I buy some to get the cheapest ones lol
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Callipers

    Hi All I need some standard replacement callipers for my 2009 Zetec S. I was wondering if anyone on here had any idea what other fords or any other cars use the same callipers..? Thanks in advance for any replies
  4. Should put this in guides section?!
  5. It taken about 10/15 mins to do Take out the existing light by pushing the tab on the forward side of the light Put your arm up behind the lower trim (from by the pedals) and reach to the back of the light switch, it has a massive catch on the top and bottom that you need to squeeze and push out the switch Crimp the spade connector on the length of wire Push the wire to where the interior light goes from the front of the roof lining by the windscreen Then make sure you have enough to be able to remove the light in the future Run the wire across the top of the roof lining by pushing it in Then remove the rubber door seal on the upright at the front of the car Run the wire behind the A pillar on the side closest to the car door then tuck it through the gap to behind the light switch Use a multimeter to find out which wire is for the side lights Then connect how you wish
  6. Iphone 4 Holder

    Look up Brodit Proclip
  7. I was thinking of doing this, not for a reverse monitor, but for a monitor displaying sat nav and other media (music) I had a measure up and i was considering attaching rails to the sides, but the back of the compartment it a lot narrower than the front So in the end I decided on a runner mounted on the base of the compartment with a sprung loaded hinge to flip the screen up, and then a small knurled bolt to clamp the runners while the screen was out Decided it wasn't worth the effort in the end lol
  8. Footwell Lights

    I connected one spade to a red wire and to a female spade. This plugs in to the positive existing plug Then another spade to a black wire and to a female spade. This plugs in to the negative existing plug Standard bulbs are white. I tried red and didnt like it do went for the standard look. Fitted lenses though rather than usin existing holder
  9. Footwell Lights

    Those cable lock connectors aren't the best and it still splits the wires insulation Do it properly and get some insulated male and female spade connectors. They're probably cheaper and you can split directly from the existing plug without cutting any wires
  10. Footwell Lights

    The light has a lens and a bulb holder which is secured in to it the same way it would screw in to the mounts in your car Go scrap yard. They come in mk1 focus, mk4/mk5/mk6/mk7 fiesta and mk1 ka's. Maybe other but not sure
  11. Footwell Lights

    Sorry brother!
  12. Footwell Lights

    And this one Discard then lens, there's your two bulb holders, some black and red 5 amp wire and you have footwell lighting for under £10 ;)
  13. Footwell Lights

    You just need 2 of these mate and they twist in to the holders This is assuming that you have a mk7 2008- You can then tap in to the interior light and do it that way
  14. Project Complete Had planned to get a remap but don't really fancy spending the money now And if Zetec S leathers with red stitching pop up then I may still purchase those But that's it now, pretty much done everything I had in mind, is a pleasure to be in and look at Plan to get a new car early next year BMW 123d Coupe M Sport Sapphire Black Auto Black Boston Leather Aluminium Trim Sat Nav (iDrive) Xenons Facelift Lights Cruise Control