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  1. yer the problem is still there it gets worse wen i put on heated windscreen
  2. i would get the egr cleaned but you have to clean manifold aswell no point doin one with out the outher did mine and it took about 50mile to feel the diffrence as the ecu has to get used to the diffrent airflow into the engine
  3. try cleaning the egr mate it does help
  4. hi there got 07 mondy estate tdci and every now and then it has a really heavy knock from engine and some times the battery light flashes on took it to the garage were i got it as it was under warranty and they changed the injectors but it is still doing it and the warranty is out now and they say it sounds normsl but i heard outhers and mine is louder it has 106000 motorway miles on can anyone help as it seems to be im bangin my head of a wall tryin to find out the problem i just want to fix it thanx gary
  5. no affraid not mate coz it knows theres somthing wrong with system
  6. try white vinegar spray it on to kitchen roll and rub it on then rub it with a dry cloth i use it all the time but it must be white vinegar you can get it from food stores hope this helps Gary
  7. yuo remove each screw in set back handles remove the eye level brake light pull the trims of around the top of tailgate mite need to pop it off with flat head screwdriver they are just clips but they are tight and the bottom cover removes the same way but they are really tight but do come off just done my 07 plate it is pretty staight forward and you cant really damage anything hope this helps Gary
  8. hi mate it sounds to me like the crankshaft pulley this is a common fault on mondeos
  9. hi there i have done many a mondeo clutch they are not that difficult but you can have problems removing the passenger side driveshaft
  10. hi there got a 07 mondeo tdci with 105000 motorway miles on and it has a tapping type knocking noise on low revs and tickover anybody know wot it is had it to various garages how say diffrent things like injectors and egr valve just dont know wot to do HELP ME PLEASE
  11. hi ther you can put the engine straight in but you need to repfograme the injectors or put your injectors in
  12. hi there i have a 07 mondeo tdci 90bhp with 105000 motorway miles on as it has been a reps car and it has a loud pinking noise on tick over and on low revs i took it to my various garages one says it is the injectors another says egr valve and where i bought it says they are all like that which they would as it is under warranty and dont want to spend money but i have listend to other ones which are noisy but not as bad as mine can any body please help as it is getting worse.