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  1. All Brake Lights Don't Work

    Hi Tom, I have e-mailed you. Thanks again for the help mate Ceri
  2. All Brake Lights Don't Work

    Hi All, Im a new meber so hi to all. Hope you guys can help me with a little (big) problem on my Fiesta MK 6. my brake lights (all three) have stopped working completely and i cant figure it out. I have swapped out the brake switch (even connected a wire directly to test), checked fuses and changed bulbs but nothing. When i put a meter on the green black lead which i think is the left hand brake light there is no voltage when the brake is on. I have even removed the fuse box but tracing the wire back to the fuse is a nightmare. I hope one of you Fiesta Gurus can help as i am tearing my hair out (no actually i'm bald :P ) and everybody else that has had a look is also confused). Spent about 8 hrs on this so far. All other lights inc tail lights work gr8. Many Thanks Ceri