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  1. im selling my white mk3 diamond white fiesta classic its a 1996 p reg 50,400 miles mot and tax til end of april SI bumpers 4 inch exhaust and stubby aerial please contact me on 07919 096 326 or email cheers ps pics can be sent if needed
  2. hi there how would i go about fitting a universal back box to a standard mk3 fiesta?
  3. will they fir on a standard fiesta with no problem?
  4. ah wicked thanks mate.
  5. hi there if i wanna put 15" alloys on my standard mk3 fiesta P reg, do i need to make a modifications to the arches or anything? i will they just fit perfectly and not rub and get caught?? regards, max
  6. does anyone have a big bor backbox that will fit straight onto a standard MK3 fiesta? as i have got to get a new one quick thanks guys
  7. dont worry anyone its sorted
  8. i have the same sort of problem but the light normally goes on and off when i take a hard corner quite fats.. i got told it could just be where the oil goes up and down in the engine and some times reads theres not enough.. but i also had it where when i tooked out the dipsit and wiped it etc. that it showed there was no oil
  9. hey all, i went to change my fornt bumper today as i have a nice new one and came across a problem.. i manages to get the right hand bolt off finally, but in front of the left hand bolt is a black box.. im just wondering if this is an imobaliser and if i can get this off to relese the bolt holding hte bumper many thanks, please reply