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  1. Fuel Injection Pump Help - Desperate!!!!

    Ooh ok! can i ask how ya know? just bein sure cos dont want to buy the wrong part and be stuck with it. I was inclined to bosch as there are one or two other bosch components in there.
  2. Fuel Injection Pump Help - Desperate!!!!

    Good idea. Will just the local dealer do? its not the one where it was bought - not sure where it was bought actually. im the 3rd owner... will ring them tommorrow
  3. Hi All I have a 2001 Ford Focus CL Estate 1.8 TDI. Its a lovely car to drive and one of the best fords ive had. However the Fuel Injection Pump needs replacing due to lack of fuel pressure, which i beleive is a common fault and we have tried other things to no avail. I have been asked for a part number by several garages so we know what the exact part is...and here is my problem... I have looked at the part and there is no number or plate with one on anywhere to be seen on the pump. Its been suggested to photo the part and send it to the part supplier but to be honest the pics i have taken dont really show much cos of things in the way. How can i find out what make the part is? i have all the VIN numbers etc but not that part number.. its been nearly 2 months since my car started playing up and its doing my nut in!!! PLEASE HELP, I can upload the pics i have got if it will help. Thanks in advance