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  1. I love my Mondeo ST estate, bar 1 thing, the ride when on bumpy B roads. Hit a pot hole, however small, and I feel like my teeth will fall out and the car suspension will fall apart. I'm guessing this is normal. Can anyone suggest any way to 'soften' the ride. I've driven other variants and the suspension/dampers take the ride well but the handling isnt as sharp. Somebody suggested a higher profile tire next time round would help without compromising the ride too much. Any suggestions or comments welcome! I'm off to the dentist for new teeth.
  2. A/C effecting engine speed

    I have a similar issue - 1) car power loss then speeds up 2) the ai con doesnt cut in at low revs. At low revs / tickover the air con doesnt work. Every 10 secs or so the it obviously tries to cut in and the power in the car is effected and it jitters for a second, then the car speeds up as the air con is now switched out. I've had the main unit £588 + a filter £100 replaces (+labour!) and its still not working.