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  1. New Fiesta Owner :)

    I just tied the cables up but yeah gonna get a shorter cable but i would prefer a little neat docker but im very happy otherwise and the sound system i think is really good :D
  2. New Fiesta Owner :)

    Thanks for the welcome guys :) Really happy with my purchase! Brought most of the add-ons but most importantly very happy with the street styling kit/pack! I traded in my 58 Mk6 Style 1.25 for the new Mk7 Zetec S biggest thing I noticed beside the bhp boost was how much more jucicy the car is :P On a side note the only thing is dislike is that i have to plug both the Aux and ipod cable to get the music to play via the LCD display as this could have been done with just the ipod cable (i hate messy cables <_< ).
  3. Hi Guys n Girls! Just wanted to introduce my self as I took deliuvery of my 60 Fiesta Zetec S and get together with some like minded people :) Hoping to pick up some tip n ticks from you guys and hope you enjoy the picks of my new motor :D Rear/Side Front/Side Spoiler Interior