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  1. Focus Coil/spark Plugs Problem

    In the past 9 months I've had 3 sets of spark plugs and 3 coils!! I've passed on your valuable advice to my mechanic and he's used the sealant trick. He also found that the wiring from the coil to the leads was damaged. It's running sweetly now - just hope it lasts! Thanks for the responses ;)
  2. Focus Coil/spark Plugs Problem

    Many thanks. It's a pity the two AA guys hadn't heard of this problem!!
  3. Focus Coil/spark Plugs Problem

    I have been having continual problems with my 05 Focus Zetec stuttering, losing power, misfiring, cutting out and I'm now on my 3rd coil in 9 months!!!!! There is a constant problem with rusting around the spark plugs but the engine fluid level is stable. Have changed spark plugs, HT leads as well. Any ideas what could be causing the problem? TIA