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  1. Just Bought Myself A Focus Titanium!

    thats encouraging :-) i had a mk7 fiesta titanium in the past and went to a corsa vxr so going to be quite a jump in comfort levels. how are you finding the engine? i really love the look of the interior
  2. Just Bought Myself A Focus Titanium!

    i too am getting my titanium next week, how you finding it?
  3. New 1.6Tdci (95)

  4. Esp Button

    looks lovely, cant wait
  5. Esp Button

    hi everyone, ordered my new titanium 1.6 TDci which is coming the end of this month my question is, will it come with the esp button? also could titanium owners post up some pictures of the Interior of the car please? much love brad
  6. Sony Radio Deleted As An Option

    would be nice as a standard fit