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  1. I'm wanting to do that to my Focus. The thing is i have no idea where to get it done, my friend got his Leon FR's DPF removed and the gains were crazy! He got an extra 40bhp and 80lb/ft of Torque! He didn't have any problems with his except a sensor went due to the heat coming from the exhaust. He get's quite a bit of smoke from his exhaust tho, but not enough to fail his MOT. As far as I'm aware, the removal of the DPF of it's self isn't a problem, it's the ECU after, apparently there's a possiblilty of files going into a re-generation mode or somethin? (This is me trying to recall what I was told 6 months ago!) Any help or guidence on this issue would be much appriciated!!!
  2. Hi Guys I Have a 2.0 TDCI 2007 Focus and i was wondering if anyone else has tuned/modified their car. For those that have this car it has a DPF in which restricts alot of the tuning capabilities. However I have a generic remap which is now making the car put out 167bhp with 323lb/ft torque. Howver i have been looking at CODE RED intercoolers and air filters that are specifically built for the 2.0 TDCI fords. Has anyone else dealt with CODE RED before? Seen any great improvements? Any guidence would be great!
  3. Yeah it's ridiculas, i managed to get it sorted though. I phoned a smaller Ford dealership and they're only wanting £140! Some difference eh?!
  4. Anno mate, sounds like it would have been handy, i phoned around the dealerships - Arnold Clark were wanting £258.50 - I phoned a smaller (ALSO closer!) And they are doing it for £100 + £40 for ECU reset and any extra fluid that might be needed. I'm not fussed about that £40 though considering i was looking to pay a fortune before!
  5. What ford garage is this? I've been quoted £258.50 for the top up and reset. I think that £100 is a great price. Does anywhere know where i could get Enough fluid for one car? According to ford they have to order enough that covers 3 cars so I have to pay for the rest of that fluid. Any help would be much appriciated!
  6. Hi Guys I apologise if this has been asked or discussed before or posted in the wrong section. If so please just show me a link to the forum and I will delete this topic. My DPF filter needs to be topped up with Eolys fluid. However I have read that some members have bought 3litres for £100 however no one has said where this can be bought. Ford are quoting me £258.50 for them to top this up and clear the ECU light. I think this is far too much condsidering they are telling me when they order this fluid they have to buy it in a quantity that covers 3 cars, rather than individual car. However I have spoken to one of the mechanics that can top up it for me for a score if I can provide the Eolys fluid. I've looked about online but this DPF is one pain in the !Removed!! Thanks for your time.
  7. Hi Guys I've finally become a member of this forum after months of reading posts I have a MK2 2.0 TDCI Focus and wanting to know whats the best way to tune this car? I have a generic map on it thats putting out 168BHP with 323ft/lb and wanting to know the next steps forward. I've been looking at a Code RED Air Filter which claims to give u an extra 12-15BHP and a new intercooler. Anyone else tuned the TDCI engine? Here's a pic aswell...