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  1. 2006 Focus 1.6 Fuel Pump Help?

    thanks, i took a look and that seems like the only option, wondering if i have the technical nouse to do such a thing
  2. 2006 Focus 1.6 Fuel Pump Help?

    as an update, i've been outside and under the car, i think the fuel pump is inside the tank so unsure i can do anything about it.
  3. Morning all, i come here in search of help and knowledge to get my poor car back on the road. There has been a problem for a while in getting my 06 reg focus 1.6 sport to start. though this hasnt happened for a while it has hit me this morning and my quick fix hasnt worked. when it first happened i thought it was a battery problem but i was told fuel wasnt getting through to the engine and it could possibly be the fuel pump either faulty or clogged up (apparently a common problem on these fords?) i got roadside rescue out a couple of times to save me and it happened a few more times after that where all i had to do was get under the car and hit the fuel tank with a hammer (please dont judge me!) and it would start again. this would usually happen after i had just refueled or the tank was running low on petrol. like i said i tried to do the hammer trick this morning while the gf turned the ignition but no luck. so my question is, is there anything i can do to get at the fuel pump to get it cleaned or replace it myself (car maintenance rookie here, though i do have a full set of tools) or would i need to get a pro to replace it which i've told could cost around £100 (main reason i've not had it fixed as yet) any advice would be great, i will keep this window open all day to check whats been posted while i search for other help Many thanks!