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  1. You can get the Yuasa YBX7100 from Tayna for £94.99 + £7.98 delivery: https://www.tayna.co.uk/YBX7100-Yuasa-EFB-Start-Stop-Car-Battery-P10687.html
  2. This Varta from Tayna is the equivalent, but with, I believe, a 4 year guarantee. £98.48 + £7.98 delivery. https://www.tayna.co.uk/D54-Varta-Start-Stop-EFB-Car-Battery-565500065-Type-100-P9027.html
  3. Personally. I wouldn't bother with Halfords, I've always use TAYNA. It looks like your battery is an 075 You can get a Varta D21 (075) with a 5 year Guarantee, for £64.95 + £7.97 delivery. https://www.tayna.co.uk/D21-075-Varta-Silver-Dynamic-Car-Battery-561400060-P7743.html
  4. As, by your own admission, you're "clueless about cars", you should have put the correct sized 195/60/15 tyres on the car. 195/60/15 195/65/15 Rolling Radius: 193.21 cm Rolling Radius: 199.33 cm Total Diameter: 61.50 cm Total Diameter: 63.45 cm Sidewall Height: 11.70 cm Sidewall Height: 12.68 cm Note: Changing your wheels/tyres will affect your speedometer reading! With this combination your speed will be 3.2% greater than indicated • When your speedo reads 30mph you will actually be doing 31.0mph • When your speedo reads 60mph you will actually be doing 61.9mph It is not a 5mm difference in height, the 60 and 65 refer to the % of tyre wall height, compared to the tyre width (195 mm) So, the car height difference, from the wheel centre is TD: 63.45 cm - TD: 61.50 cm = 1.95 cm / 2 = 0.975 cm
  5. Here's the advice I was given a long time ago: No wiper is going to work correctly, if the wiper blade/arm is u/s, and the blade should also be set up correctly, in relation to the screen: 1. Switch on the ignition. 2. Switch on the wipers. 3. Stop the wipers (by switching off the ignition), just before they get to the end of their vertical position. 4. Pull the arm away from the screen and then very gently , lower it back on. 5. The "rubber" blade should now have it's edge touching the screen and be at 90 degrees to it. This can be seen clearly from inside the car. If the "rubber" blade is tilting either way from the 90 degrees, the flat metal part of the wiper arm needs to be twisted gently to bring it back to vertical. Keep repeating 4., until 5. is achieved. Do not try and twist the arm by using the wiper blade. If using pliers or "grips", ensure the paint on the flat part of the arm is not damaged, by using something like cardboard (cloth won't work) between the jaws and the arm. If you cannot achieve 5., either the insert/blade is u/s, or the arm itself is putting too much pressure on the blade.
  6. i would first give the screen and wiper blades a good clean, using a decent glass cleaner. Sounds more like contamination on the screen/blades, perhaps polish, diesel, etc.
  7. https://www.knfilters.co.uk/clningins.aspx
  8. So, what do you think is happening?
  9. Are you running on the "AUTO" setting, or setting your own manual air distribution?
  10. It may be using a lot, but brim to brim will give you an accurate figure to start from.
  11. You cannot work out an accurate consumption if you're looking at the fuel gauge position. Brim the tank, do your trip, brim the tank again and use that fill quantity for calculating consumption accurately.
  12. Many cars I have bought over the years have had plugs, wheel nuts etc., tightened far in excess of specification/requirements. I invested in a set of torque wrenches to ensure once the items have been successfully undone, they are torqued back to the recommended settings. Once you know how much effort is required to torque a wheel nut to the correct 100 lb/ft/135 Nm, you can see how easy it is to excessively tighten a spark plug. Can me cynical, but each time one of our cars come back from a garage service, the first thing I do is make sure the wheel nuts are correctly torqued, and tyre pressures and fluid levels are correctly set. Spark Plugs - Basic Knowledge, Recommended Torque and Tightening Angle for DENSO plugs. http://www.globaldenso.com/en/products/aftermarket/plug/basic_knowledge/installation/index.html
  13. Re the Breakdown Insurance, I use AutoAid, £43.31 a year. You pay for the repairs and claim them back. All-inclusive cover and value you’ll appreciate. With its exceptional Comprehensive Cover, AutoAid gives you flexibility and peace of mind. You’ll be covered in any eligible vehicle you're driving. If you experience a breakdown, call us and we’ll arrange for the assistance. It covers you and your legal spouse or civil partner with total breakdown cover, which includes, roadside assistance, a vehicle recovery service to one place of your choice, home breakdowns, emergency travel or overnight hotel accommodation and an attached caravan or small trailer. AutoAid only covers you driving in the UK (mainland England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). If you were travelling to Europe we offer a separate cover called EuroRescue which covers you for the time that you are abroad. https://www.autoaidbreakdown.co.uk/ AutoAid only covers you driving in the UK (mainland England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). If you were travelling to Europe we offer a separate cover called EuroRescue which covers you for the time that you are abroad. £39 via Groupon: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/autoaid?keyw=autoaid discount&crea=155595281279&netw=g&adpos=1t1&utm_campaign=UK_DT_SEA_GGL_TXT_TTT_SR_CBP_CH1_NBR_k*autoaid discount_m*e_c*155595281279_d*UK-RTC-Discount-National_g*RTC-Discount-autoaid-EXACT_s*1407_t*kwd-42614852416&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&loc_physical_ms=1006779&loc_interest_ms=&template=&gclid=CMTe1Z-srtQCFYcW0wodyYsL9w
  14. I've always get my car batteries from Tayna: https://www.tayna.co.uk/Ford-Focus-Car-Battery You need to check whether it is a type 75 or 100, as two are listed for the 1.6 TDCi (difference is in length, 242 mm v 278 mm). I normally go for the Varta brand. Silver is 5 years warranty, Blue is 4. Depends how long you intend keeping the car.
  15. The 2 minutes of running would have warmed the engine through enough to help a weak battery start it again. Whats your engine?