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  1. Dash cam advice!

    Hi Dan Can you give a "Ball Park" figure for the level of discount people could expect? Thanks.
  2. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Battery Voltage and State of Charge: 12.66v . . . . . . . . . . 100% 12.45v . . . . . . . . . . 75% 12.24v . . . . . . . . . . 50% 12.06v . . . . . . . . . . 25% 11.89v . . . . . . . . . . 0% (NOTE: these readings are at 80 degrees F. Battery voltage readings will drop with temperature roughly 0.01 volts for every 10 degrees F.) (At 30 degrees F. a fully charged battery will measure about 12.588 volts, and at zero degrees F it will measure about 12.516 volts.)
  3. Sync 2 - Problem

    Titanium X was the only model listed in the July 2014 brochure, as having Multi-Colour Lighting, with a choice of 7 colours. The ambient lighting controls are situated on the overhead console. The standard Titanium only had orange ambient lighting.
  4. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    My 2016 ST is fine:
  5. Stone chip protection

    Plenty out there, e.g. Google "stone chip protection film for cars" http://www.3mventureshield.co.uk/what-is-it/ http://venomwraps.co.uk/paint-protection-film/?gclid=COCRyunE9dYCFYeT7Qodlm4HBg http://www.armourfend.co.uk/
  6. Is there a sim card hiding in my car?

    I don't see any mention of a data sim card in Trillionz post re traffic information? "My car is a 2009 and the nav disc is also 2009 so how is it that new roads are on it and how does it get traffic updates?" As well as asking how the unit gets traffic updates, he also appears to be asking how it is that newer roads than 2009 are on the nav. I would assume that it has had an updated SatNav Data Card fitted in the location posted by granville_focus.
  7. Battery, need help asap.

    That's serious money! If you don't have to get it Saturday, you can have it delivered from Tayna Batteries for £79.96: https://www.tayna.co.uk/YBX5075-Yuasa-Silver-High-Performance-Car-Battery-P10704.html
  8. In general, manufacturers standard cars are fitted with a compromise size tyre to produce, for example, reasonable handling, ride comfort, maintenance costs and mpg. Better tyres are usually fitted to performance orientated versions of that car, hence wider tread width, lower profile walls etc., where the requirements for better handling and road holding override concerns for ride comfort and less mpg. In the case of 205/50/17 v 225/45/17, the 225/45/17 has a slightly smaller diameter. You concern should be the extra 10 mm tread projecting inwards towards the suspension, and the extra 10 mm tread projecting towards the wheel arch. If it were me, I would get the tyre seller to fit the larger size to one wheel and try it on both front and rear positions to check the actual clearances all around (including when the suspension is under load and steering on full locks). If you are going to fit them, firstly check that the wheel rim width is suitable and also check with your insurance company for any potential cost increase, as you will be modifying the car. My only experience with doing a similar change of tyres, was on a 150 bhp Cavalier Gsi, where the wider tread eliminated the previous torque steer.
  9. http://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Wheel_nut_torques
  10. ETIS - Ford Corporate Badge

    Listed on my Focus.
  11. New battery.

    You can get the Yuasa YBX7100 from Tayna for £94.99 + £7.98 delivery: https://www.tayna.co.uk/YBX7100-Yuasa-EFB-Start-Stop-Car-Battery-P10687.html
  12. New battery.

    This Varta from Tayna is the equivalent, but with, I believe, a 4 year guarantee. £98.48 + £7.98 delivery. https://www.tayna.co.uk/D54-Varta-Start-Stop-EFB-Car-Battery-565500065-Type-100-P9027.html
  13. Premium membership

    Personally. I wouldn't bother with Halfords, I've always use TAYNA. It looks like your battery is an 075 You can get a Varta D21 (075) with a 5 year Guarantee, for £64.95 + £7.97 delivery. https://www.tayna.co.uk/D21-075-Varta-Silver-Dynamic-Car-Battery-561400060-P7743.html
  14. As, by your own admission, you're "clueless about cars", you should have put the correct sized 195/60/15 tyres on the car. 195/60/15 195/65/15 Rolling Radius: 193.21 cm Rolling Radius: 199.33 cm Total Diameter: 61.50 cm Total Diameter: 63.45 cm Sidewall Height: 11.70 cm Sidewall Height: 12.68 cm Note: Changing your wheels/tyres will affect your speedometer reading! With this combination your speed will be 3.2% greater than indicated • When your speedo reads 30mph you will actually be doing 31.0mph • When your speedo reads 60mph you will actually be doing 61.9mph It is not a 5mm difference in height, the 60 and 65 refer to the % of tyre wall height, compared to the tyre width (195 mm) So, the car height difference, from the wheel centre is TD: 63.45 cm - TD: 61.50 cm = 1.95 cm / 2 = 0.975 cm
  15. New Focus Wiper Noise

    Here's the advice I was given a long time ago: No wiper is going to work correctly, if the wiper blade/arm is u/s, and the blade should also be set up correctly, in relation to the screen: 1. Switch on the ignition. 2. Switch on the wipers. 3. Stop the wipers (by switching off the ignition), just before they get to the end of their vertical position. 4. Pull the arm away from the screen and then very gently , lower it back on. 5. The "rubber" blade should now have it's edge touching the screen and be at 90 degrees to it. This can be seen clearly from inside the car. If the "rubber" blade is tilting either way from the 90 degrees, the flat metal part of the wiper arm needs to be twisted gently to bring it back to vertical. Keep repeating 4., until 5. is achieved. Do not try and twist the arm by using the wiper blade. If using pliers or "grips", ensure the paint on the flat part of the arm is not damaged, by using something like cardboard (cloth won't work) between the jaws and the arm. If you cannot achieve 5., either the insert/blade is u/s, or the arm itself is putting too much pressure on the blade.