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  1. coolant in plug pots

    No evedent loss of coolant Changed the plugs today and started to run better not 100% will change the HT leads tomorrow see ho that goes. THANKS FOR LOOKING REGARDS PHILL
  2. coolant in plug pots

    My 1999 1.4 focus has been running sluggishly over the past month and I got round to look at it today. I removed the cover for the plugs and was greeted by condensation over the underside of the cover the plugs have a divider between 2 & the sensor next to plug 3. In the bottom of plugs 1&2 it is dry but in the bottom of plugs 3&4 there is what I can only describe as a mush about 3mm deep the same colour as the coolant. Q. is the sensor something to do with the cooling system and would a replacement seal rectified the mush problem and would a new set of plugs rectified the sluggish running?