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  1. just thought i would update, i have now fitted a new coil pack, and have noticed a massive improvement,,,however, it still felt as though it was "choking", having driven a car with a manual choke, i would say it felt like the choke had been left on after it was warmed up. Possibly a choke prob,,,,any ideas??
  2. i thought that but after reading about the possible inlet manifold problem i did think again as the rattle they described sounds the same as mine
  3. hi, im in ipswich and i am on my 5th ford i think, i started in 1996 with a mk2 escort which i still miss to this day, i have had mainly mk3 and 4 escorts inc a convertible xr3i, i now have a little plodder in the shape of a mk1 mondeo.

  4. Good Morning, i wonder if anyone can help me, i have a mk 1 mondeo, 1996 N reg, 1.8 petrol saloon. In the mornings it starts fine but will not pull, it feels as though it is misfiring or a lack of fuel, i have put new plugs and leads on but have had no joy. I first thought it might be due to being cold but it also done it a little whilst doing 65 on the A14, i thought it might be fuel starvation but i read on another website that it wouldn't be that, i also have a little rattle coming from the engine bay, it sounds like a bearing on the cam belt pulley but i have also heard that that could possibly be an inlet manifold problem which would also cause the fuel like problems. My next idea was to fit a new fuel filter and coil pack but if anyone can help before i do this i will be most grateful. Thank you very much Gary