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  1. New Guy Saying Hello

    ive had a couple i love them they are such nice cars to drive
  2. New Guy Saying Hello

    thanks everyone
  3. New Guy Saying Hello

    thanks guys
  4. New Guy Saying Hello

    thanks mate
  5. testing water

    hello guys how about the halfway house on the a127 on the way to southend its a big carpark and good food its where the essex rs owners club have there meets
  6. Croydon Owners Meet-Up?

    hello mate i have just registered and live near croydon and would love to meet up with all the other locals and let me know what date the next one is
  7. Sierra gallery!

    plus a couple of others i have
  8. Sierra gallery!

    heres a couple of mine
  9. Hello From an Old Ford guy with a New Toy

    mate thats !Removed! lovely
  10. New Guy Saying Hello

    i will add a few pics i hope you like them
  11. New Guy Saying Hello

    hello everyone i have had many fords over the years escorts , orions,fiestas,granadas but sierras have always been my favorite ford ive had a couple of them and i will add pics of my most recent one in the gallery section i hope i get to meet a few of your and speak to all of you