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  1. hi all does anyone know of any good ford scrappys around romford area ? i was reading the thread about the main beam problem and mine is suffering the same , but all the scrappys near me only have new ish cars in , i just wondered if anyone is in essex who might know of a good scrappy which has older stuff cheers Graham
  2. hiya im new to this forum but i was having a read about the escort stuff , being a owner meself and the problem with the high RPMs happens to me , but mine is usually after a motorway or high speed run, when the engine is running at normal on temp gauge , but if i goto work early in morning i can have a fast run and its ok in cold weather , its due to go in for a service in a few weeks time so ill get robbie to have a look , but a guy at work has a GTi which had the same problem he said his was the lambada sensor , once robbie's sorted it ill post what mine was cheers Graham