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  1. 13 Fiesta V Reg Water Leak

    1300 fiesta v reg 1999, has developed a water leak on the bulkhead side drivers end, the dip stick bends under the inlet manifold, well the water is coming from somewhere around this aria, not from any pipe, the water seems I think to be coming from around the plastic manifold but I’m not sure, has anyone had this problem.
  2. Guys Fiesta year 2000 1300cc saloon petrol. Engine revs rise then take a while to drop, when driving you lift your foot off but engine continues to rev high for a while, I suspected the stepper motor, did the usual a good seeing to with a cleaner and then a good dose of WD40, replaced and fired up took it for a spin and yes much better, daughters car so told her if it sticks clutch in give the accelerator a good up and down and should help, got a call dad car is no better so bought new stepper motor, fitted it but engine worse than ever with new stepper, so while new one was on the car I gave the old one a really good seeing too, refitted and car was allot more settled, drove it myself a distance of 60 miles and for me it seemed ok, until nearly home then it began to play up again, this time I went in search of and air leak, and found a lug on the inlet with nothing connected to it so IU blanked it off and started engine seemed ok, so daughters asked if I would fit new stepper again, I did took it for run and again seemed ok, daughter took car home phoned and said car the same as was. Scratch my head nearly down to the bone, anyone throw any light on my problem please. Obviously to technical question!! answer is the carburettor position sensor out of sink.
  3. Engine Start Problem

    Sorted guys thanks for your help anyway
  4. Engine Start Problem

    update on this start problem. I've been out there to it this morning, it turns over and just trys to fire up, after the first few turns it just continues to turn over without catching
  5. Engine Start Problem

    1.7 Puma Engine will turn over but that’s all it will do, doesn’t show any signs of starting. Can anyone here help