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  1. Change Language Mk7

    All I was thinking was if someone could post the map through the menu to get to the language settings, ie. The buttons to press, the amount up/down etc. Then I could match it on my mates car.
  2. Change Language Mk7

    Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction for changing the menu/info display to English? Couldn't immediately see the right bit in the manual - most of the time you can work out the buttons to press by following the map in the book. TIA Ian
  3. Cycle Carrier

    Hi all Recently bought a couple of bikes, and wondering if I can get a rear-mounted carrier for my Mk6 (07), with it having the rear spoiler? There's one in Halfords site which says that it is suitable, but then in the instructions, says to avoid spoilers. I'm not mad keen on roof-carriers, cos I don't really want to risk dropping the bike(s) and damaging either Bike or Car! Any advice appreciated. Ian
  4. Warm Air

    Just for completeness, this is now resolved. It seems that the coolant was low, so there was nothing to get warm. Suppose I was dead lucky that it didn't do more damage. Cost me £150 to have the leak fixed though :(
  5. Mk6 Radio Bezel Slot

    The Brodit ProClip has been mentioned on here before, I've been meaning to get hold of one for a while. A search for 'Brodit' should bring up the thread.
  6. A/c Service

    Woah woah, no offence intended.
  7. A/c Service

    really? I had heard that KwikFit weren't the best, you tended to end up with Shock Absorbers with almost every vist, as they were close to dangerous and shouldn't be driven much further...
  8. A/c Service

    Hi, Can anyone reccomend somewhere for an a/c service, North Manchester preferably? My cool air hasn't been very cool ever since I bought it (kicking myself for not checking it thoroughly). There has been a Halfords service centre appeared locally, offering a 'performance check' for free and a service for about £80 but I'm always a little sceptical... TIA Ian
  9. Dab Radios

    Until DAB gets widespread in cars DAB will never get off the ground IMHO. Plus quality needs to improve, which it should if bandwidth freed up by the digital TV switchover is allocated to it.
  10. Warm Air

    Apologies for dragging this up, but a colleague has a theory. He suggested that the car may have electric heaters, if the diesel engine is so efficient as to not generate lots of excess heat. He suspects that the battery might be a bit dodgy, running under voltage, or something. He suggested that the alternator might not supply enough umph to the heaters if the battery is running under voltage, until the engine revs go up. Plausible?
  11. £££ Diesel £££

    I paid £1.38 @ Tesco last night!!
  12. Fuel Consumption

    63.9 mpg on 416 trip Manchester/Bedford/Cambridge/Manchester this week. :) Cost me £1.38/litre to fill up last night though. :(
  13. Mk6 Fiesta 1.4 Climate Fuel Guage

    I have a Mk6.5 Zetec and I don't have a digital fuel gague. The fuel light comes on at 50miles remaining (according to what the computer thinks).
  14. Fuel Consumption

    07 1.4TDCi I got 60.01mpg on a motorway trip Manchester-Edinburgh, little bit of running about, and return. Last fill I got 56.6mpg, thats combined, but my commute is mostly motorway, which helps (except rush hour M60, which doesn't...)
  15. Warm Air

    This is bizarre. Last night after work, everything was normal: the air was 'lukewarm' almost straight away, ie. I could tell it wasn't blowing dead cold. This morning, I had exactly the same symptoms as yesterday - very cold air blowing all the way until I hit the motorway slip road. As I accellerated down the slip I had my hand over the vent and the air got warm almost immediately. Definitely feels like a fault, but can anyone point me in the direction of where? :(