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  1. Happy Birthday Nicola 88!

  2. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    I had this problem with my fiesta, took it to ford (under warranty) who said it was an issue with the steering column and is actually an easy fix for them. However after a year of no clunking it has now started again so back to ford for me!
  3. First Service

    That does seem very expensive! I shopped around for my first service and ended up paying £105. £48 parts, £40 labour and £17 vat. I only had 3 things on my checklist though :/
  4. I Saw The 'fashionista' Colour In Person Today...

    I saw one the other day in person and I have to say it looked quite smart, the ford website made it look a very old fashioned colour. Still don't know if its a colour I would ever go for though. I actually love Avalon, it was my first choice but I got my car just after it had been discontinued so there were none left :( Still love magenta though!
  5. Servicing

    I have only had a first year service done but mine cost me £105 inc vat so £220 does sound a little steep
  6. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    But your pictures show metal pedals? I thought those were the ones which came with the Zetec S, mine is a normal zetec and look nothing like the ones you have. I have a 1.6 TDCI and it took me a while to get used to the lag, glad to know its not just me though :) Once you get used to it though its such a fun car to drive :D
  7. Creaking Noise - Mk7

    My car had this problem and I took mine back to where I bought it from and they fixed it under warranty, that was about 6 months ago and have not had a problem since
  8. Yet Another New Car...

    I love the facelift corsa, the front looks so nice! My sister has one and the price you pay for what you get is just amazing, she got so much for so little! Really don't like the interior facia thing though, it just looks a bit dated to me, but then the back feels so much more spacious than the fiesta. When I was looking at cars I seriously considered the corsa, its just such a bargain and you look like you have a cracking deal! Hope you enjoy it :D
  9. Haynes Mk7 In September

    Ordered mine too :D
  10. Decisions

    Although I have never tried the petrol version I have a 1.6 TDCI and I love it, I do a lot of city driving and still get great (and always increasing) mpg plus its very nippy and have never really noticed the noise of the engine. I think diesel cars are a good option at the moment considering how cheap the road tax is and how expensive the fuel is. As for colour both are nice, but I rarely see red fiestas but a lot of whites!
  11. Car is looking great, I really want an armrest but can't decide between your one or the boomerang one. Tbh I don't want to have to drill any holes in it and I am slightly worried that it will get in the way of the handbrake. What bulbs did you use for the interiour? Really looks nice :D
  12. Possibly Getting A Zetec S Tdci

    I would definitely go for the titanium with dress up kit as it comes with a lot of features and won't cost as much as the zetec s. The TDCI is a really nice car too
  13. New Fiesta Titanium Ordered!

    I don't know I seem to find the air conditioning cold enough, usually I have to turn it up because I start to get too cold! But I haven't really used it much (being up in Scotland) but its good enough for me!
  14. Bumper Protector

    Hi, sure ford have a stainless steel one in the accessories catalogue, page 78
  15. Hit & Run

    I nearly had a heart attack when I read the title, when I hear 'hit and run' I always think of people... glad its not though. Shame about the dent though, I had a quick google and came up with things like 'dent devil' and, the latter quoted roughly £70-120+vat so hopefully it wouldn't be too much.