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  1. New member and a couple of Q's

    Cheers fpr the replies folks much appreciated, am going to the local ford garage to pick up some mats and touch up paint at lunch so will ask them to have a listen to the noise!
  2. Hi folks, Just dipped my toe in the world of the Focus and I must say I love it. It's a 1.8TDCi (52 plate) which is quick, comfortable, refined and handles really well. Why on earth am I telling YOU this I don't know as I am sure you all know but I am VERY impressed I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with as new car paranoia is strong with me. First of all the coolant resovoir has two small diameter pipes coming out of the top and one seems to be constantly pouring water into the tank. Not seen this before and wondered if it is normal and OK? Also there seems to be quite a bit of noise from the cambelt side of the engine kind of a rattling noise. Doesn't sound bad but is noticeable over the normal diesel noises is this normal and what is it? Really looking forward to joining in with the forum you seem like a good bunch Cheers Dan