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  1. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    I think they are all like this on the mk3.5. However they changed the rear bumper means it doesn't quite sit as flush as on the mk3.
  2. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    3.10 is linked in the OP:
  3. Zetec S satnav

    Yeah it's just the way it's been designed on the Fiesta. The Sat Nav is part of the ICE stack. You just have to turn the volume to zero or stick the source on an unused aux if you don't want to listen to anything with it on.
  4. No LED odometer display

    If the rest of the instrument cluster is working it won't be a fuse. If you press the button to change the display do you see anything else? Is the temp guage working? It might be the LED has burnt out. I'm not sure if it's LCD with LED backlight or direct LED. If its LCD you could try shining a bright light on the display to see if it's working just without a backlight.
  5. Driver Seat Tilt

    I don't see why it wouldn't be covered by warranty. They might try and fob you off in typical fashion, but I'd push for it to be done under warranty. If it's broken on a 2 year old car, it clearly hasn't lasted a reasonable amount of time (Consumer Rights Act).
  6. Only the OPs that wrote the guides can fix it unfortunately. They need to either pay the ransom or re-uploaded the elsewhere. Photobucket decided to get greedy and block all 3rd party hosting of people's images without them paying for it. Might be worth messaging the OP of a guide you want to use to see if they still have the images.
  7. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    I don't get any more bass than my old Mk3 with "sony" speakers and no sub. The better sound and bass comes from the higher quality speakers imo.
  8. Fiesta Diesel

    DPF removal is now illegal and an MOT failure. So not an option anymore.
  9. Fiesta Diesel

    It depends on the temperature, the way you drive, the type of roads you drive on. Engine speed, engine load. Lots of different factors. But it probably needs about 10-20 mins to do it's thing with a hot engine and exhaust. (i.e. engine must be fully up to temp before it even starts). If it can't do a regen it will keep trying until eventually the pressure sensors trigger a fault code and warning light.
  10. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    No its just a branding deal. They may have helped sign off the dsp in the visteon made Hu but both types of speakers are made by/for Ford.
  11. Fiesta Ecoboost 1L Engine Problem?

    No cover on the Fiesta. It doesn't fit properly due to the intake pipe.
  12. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    A bit of general discussion is fine. But please don't post links to any tools, equipment or guides that can be used to break in to cars.
  13. Fiesta Diesel

    What age was it? It's not so much the mileage as the journeys. All the modern ones have DPFs. 15-20 miles per journey isn't really enough for the DPF to keep itself clean.
  14. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    The premium speakers are polymer instead of paper. If you shine a torch through the grille, you should see a slightly shiny blue coloured speaker. The cheap ones are dull black paper cones.
  15. Fiesta Diesel

    Ecoboost then. Don't bother with a diesel.