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  1. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    The 1.8 is still Ford ST performance figures. Unless the 2.0 is AWD/4WD I doubt you'd be able to get the power down to benefit from the extra performance. 0.9s isn't a lot.
  2. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    It sounds pretty reasonable to me but I don't have much experience with pricing for what's being offered. I'm hopeful someone who does can chip in on that one.
  3. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    There's every chance the previous owner(s) weren't kind to the clutch in that time then.
  4. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    How long have you had the car? It's low mileage but not impossible for a clutch to go at 52k, just depends how it's been driven. Technically they can go at any mileage, although before about 20-30k that would usually indicate a manufacturing defect.
  5. It probably just needs reformatting. Do you get the sound affect from Windows to indicate it recognises a device being plugged in? Does it show anything in my PC where your drives are listed?
  6. Black box insurance opinions?

    Me personally I'd rather pay the extra or choose a different car than have a black box. I don't trust the way they're fitted or the invasion of privacy.
  7. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Have you got an insurance quote for one yet?
  8. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    I guess you missed the coverage of all the electrical issues they had then.
  9. 2012 Titanium & Dashcam

    Fuse 85 in the passenger footwell should be ignition switched live. I ran my cable behind the door seals, just inside the top of the a pillar cover and then along the edge of the roof lining.
  10. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    We don't know the balloon figure though, got to factor in the price of the car and balloon. Also they'll be adding some equity from the car as deposit, even if it's not shown. 2 y/o Focus STs are less than 20k.
  11. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    You don't fancy something like a Focus ST then?
  12. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    What engine is it, the S line is more about dress up. To me, it just seemed a lot of money for a 2y/o car. You're only paying £250pm on yours and it was brand new (i assume). VAG cars seem to command a higher perceived value despite being no better built than the rest of them and the dealers seem to use that.
  13. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Probably not the best place to ask tbh. A lot of us can be a bit bias on here. :P I'm not saying what I think about Audis (or most of their drivers for that matter), but £300 pm for 3.5 yrs on a 2 yr old car doesn't sound a great deal to me if it's PCP. If it was new or owned after 3.5 yrs then fair enough.
  14. New Owner - Fiesta ST-Line!

    They're a broker. I don't think they handle the claims anyway.
  15. Things I Do Like

    Such a disparity between available broadband speeds in this country it's ridiculous. I should really post this in the don't like thread though, as I can't think of anything I like about the openreach network. Should I really "like" the fact they'll be giving me 10 Mbps sometime this year (hopefully). Sure it's better than what I have now, I do like it will be an improvement, but compared to what should be available it's an absolute joke.