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  1. The fail of written text, can't tell the tone in which it's meant, lol.
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Car that goes faster than it looks > Car that looks faster than it goes, imo.
  3. Looks like the handbrake symbol to me...
  4. I have informed management, they should come back to you as soon as they can.
  5. How did the clutch feel? Often cars with that low mileage are driven by the "older" generation. We test drove a car which was previously owned by an old couple and they had obviously ridden the clutch as it was slipping. I personally wouldn't touch a car that was badly dented/scuffed as it gives me the impression the previous owners didn't give a wotsit, so how well have they looked after the rest of it...
  6. Diesel adblue

    Nope, not as far as I know. It's just a cdpf.
  7. Fiesta LED DRLs

    It is based on build date not sale date. Have you put your reg in Etis to see when it was built?
  8. IF

    Titanium and higher gets a better interior finish, something I thought I could live without on my Zetec S but actually really missed, so was really glad to get it back on my ST. Soft touch door panels, ambient lighting, deluxe headliner, overhead console with sunglasses bin, etc. If I was getting a non ST again, it would have to be Titanium or Titanium X then I'd just add the bodykit afterwards. 75-80 miles a day, if that's long journeys I'd definitely get a diesel - The 2.0 TDCi would be my engine of choice, not as frugal as the 1.6 but really punchy, hence why it is used in the ST TDCi :D
  9. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    Rattle when clutch fully depressed sounds exactly like the DMF to me. It starts to break up and when there is no pressure on it from the clutch it rattles - with the clutch pushing against the DMF it holds it all in place and shuts it up. The problem with leaving it, will be if bits starts to come off the DMF and fly around the bell housing and damage anything else. I've never left a bad DMF so don't know how much damage it is capable of.
  10. Mk3 Ford Focus

    Probably the only way is to re-solder a different SMD LED.
  11. Help with choosing my Focus

    The engine mount might have changed but I'm not sure, the engine itself is the same. Rear park sensors are standard on titanium. Front and rear are standard on titanium X, but both can be specified as options on Zetec. DAB should be standard on Zetec and higher, possibly lower models too but I can't remember. My mum's 2012 Zetec has DAB though.      
  12. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    I put together a vid showing some night footage of the bi-xenons with auto high beam - my first proper trip out on country roads at night to see them in action. Really impressed. The last 20-30s shows it off quite nicely together with the static cornering lights too. (if you don't see it in HD give it a bit longer, still processing at time of posting).    
  13. Help with choosing my Focus

    Some pros to the facelift off the top of my head: Increased front rigidity (better steering feel). Re-Tuned power steering (better steering feel). Dampers slightly adjusted (more compliant ride and better handling). Sync 2 availability (depending on trim level) It basically fixes a lot of the criticisms of the mk3 originally, if you have the choice I'd get a facelift, but you are not loosing out massively if you have to go for an older one for financial reasons. If you are going for the Focus 1.0, just make sure it is the 125PS as that nets you the 6 speed gearbox which IMO is much better.
  14. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    I do like the sound symposer on this car :D      
  15. Spotting Your Old Cars

    Spotted my old Zetec S Focus yesterday :D