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  1. On phone so can't listen at the moment. Are you sure it's not just the normal tapping of the high pressure injectors? The ecoboosts sound like a diesel at idle.
  2. Like this?
  3. Moved to site requests and tagging @Trevor
  4. If you want to try and avoid having the window smashed, it's worth getting some stickers to say the obd port is disabled. There is a chance they won't see it, but it might at least reduce the chance of the glass being broken.
  5. I thought there was a screw each end?
  6. It's the same with every manufacturer I've had experience with. Recommended to be changed every 2 years, but not included in the standard schedule or price.
  7. I think some of the diesels did too, but can't remember which ones.
  8. The link to language pack 5 still goes straight to the file for me?
  9. Titanium will have height adjustable seat. I think there is a lever on the side of the seat base which you pump to adjust the height. Steering wheel is fully adjustable, the lever to unlock it is under the steering column. Should be in the manual. Also any dealer can help you with the car if you get stuck.
  10. fiesta ecoboost

    They have effectively carried out a software recall. It's a mandatory field service action which must be carried out when the car is next in with a dealer. If you found a way of loading the old software it would void the warranty.
  11. Cabin air intake afaik.
  12. Sounds like the climate control sensor to me. There is a little fan inside it to move air across the sensor to more accurately measure the temp and humidity. Mine used to buzz on my Focus Tit X, even with the climate control switched off.
  13. So it is, lol. Naming system makes no sense... 6MTT450 is still 450Nm though.
  14. The 1.6 Ecoboost already puts out 270Nm on overboost. The funny thing is that the Mountune MP200 package for the 1.6 EB is warranty friendly, despite putting out 320Nm. I guess the box can cope with more than the design limit or it can just cope long enough not to fail during the warranty period, lol.
  15. It is called the B6 gearbox, or 6MTT250 (rated up to 285Nm). This is used on the 1.0 125PS, 1.6 150/180PS and 1.5 150/180PS Ecoboosts. The ST has a much higher rated, heavier gearbox, the MMT6 or 6MTT450 (rated up to 450Nm). The ST has the same gearbox as the 2.0 TDCi (in all power outputs, 150/163/185PS).