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  1. 2015 Ford Focus DRL

    The problem is that while all can, not all will. Or not all know what they are doing and think it's impossible, lol. I do wonder how some are still in business...
  2. Potential profit?

    The car will be worth most to pay off the GMFV and then sell it privately, unless you haven't looked after it or have modded it so much you can't sell it privately. Or what many people do is part-ex it in for another car, the part-ex value is usually higher than the GMFV, so the difference comes off the new car price. If the dealer wants a car they may offer to buy it off you and pay you the difference above the GMFV. Basically just giving the car back is the least cost effective option.
  3. Ford Sync - Software Version

    Nothing publicly available. I don't think Ford even tell their dealers what is in the updates either, lol. You can use etis with an independent operator login to see if there are any updates available for your car, but not what's actually fixed/changed.
  4. Potential profit?

    I'd never hand my cars back, generally if you barter your car is worth more than the GMFV. Bear in mind it is guaranteed MINIMUM final value. There is usually at least 1K equity above the GMFV
  5. Ford Sync - Software Version

    No, they won't touch software unless there is a problem to fix, either because you reported an issue or a field service action.
  6. Dash cams. What do you have?

    The f number is a ratio, not a fixed size: Generally the lower the f number, the more light gets let in to the sensor.
  7. Brakes difference between Zetec S and Tit X

    I think the bigger engines get them, so 2.0 TDCi and 1.5/1.6 ecoboost. Zetec S gets them regardless of engine (on Mk3.5 anyway). Not sure how it works on the estate, my mum's 1.0 has discs, but I'm sure we test drove a 1.6 tdci estate that had drums. Perhaps it depends if they have a surplus at any point on production for the rest of them? Lol.
  8. Brakes difference between Zetec S and Tit X

    Sticking drums still happens less than discs. Mine stick every time I wash the car or it rains hard, lol. Any brakes will fade, even discs on an ST will fade when they get hot. I remember watching video reviews for my car before I bought it and while waiting for delivery, the pads would catch fire pretty quick if you keep pushing them. Road brake setups are designed to work best when cold so if you start to heat them up they get worse. Race brakes are the opposite.
  9. Brakes difference between Zetec S and Tit X

    On the Zetec S, it also means one less factory configuration, sports suspension is probably pre-assembled with discs. I doubt I use mine to full potential, I have left it really late to brake sometimes just to try them and they have phenomenal stopping power being bigger again on the ST, but it isn't particularly enjoyable to drive like that. I'm not on a race track, I prefer to get the speed right into a bend and then carry it through, rather than braking hard and late.
  10. Brakes difference between Zetec S and Tit X

    The Zetec S is designed to look better. I would imagine it is primarily for appearance. Plus if you have gone for the sporty model, you are more likely to be driving it spirited, so would expect better brakes. The rear drums are more than capable of helping to stop a Focus as the front discs do most of the work. You also have the advantage of the handbrake not sticking.
  11. Brakes difference between Zetec S and Tit X

    Zetec S gets front and rear discs as standard on the Mk3.5 It is part of the information given to dealers for UK market. My mum has discs on her 2012 1.0, but I think that's because it is an Estate.
  12. 2015 Ford Focus DRL

    Any dealer can do this, you just need to find one that will. Maybe asked to speak to chief tech, or service manager? You might have to pay for it, but you can always say other dealers have offered to do it, but wanted to supported local dealer, blah, blah blah, lol. Otherwise just got to use dealer finder and keep calling round working out from your location. Try and call Independent's, rather than large groups, they are usually more amenable and competent.
  13. 2015 Ford Focus DRL

    Has it been updated for the MK3.5?
  14. Dashcam supply - Focus ST3 2016

    No, heated steering is ignition only. Mine is plugged in to fuse 87 and comes on and off with ignition :)
  15. As long as it has had regular oil changes, I think you should generally be okay. They improved the design of the problem areas a bit over the years, but just don't skimp on the oil changes.