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  1. Turbo actuator. Not a fault. Has to be fairly loose or it would seize when hot. Can you hear it while driving? My old 1.5 was so loud you could hear it while driving. The 1.0 is much quieter.
  2. 1.0 ecoboost has only been available since the facelift. It has changed since then. The 140 has an uprated head gasket and different gearbox/diff ratio.
  3. At some point Ford started fitting the same turbo to both 100 and 125, I just don't know when it was.
  4. 140 and 125 are mechanically different. Not sure about 100 and 125, think it depends on when it was built. You can get 140 5drs new, but if you are looking second hand and want 5drs, 125 will be highest output you can get.
  5. Not luck, just because it's mostly A roads, dual carriageway and motorway. :)
  6. As with any car and MPG, depends what journeys you do. My dad's getting over 50 MPG from his 140. You don't have to have it as a red/black edition anymore either.
  7. I'd definitely go 1.0 for that mileage. My dad is doing about 12k per year on similar roads and gets over 50mpg from his 140PS 1.0 Fiesta.
  8. Mk3.5 ST is only a digital symposer in EU. US MK3.5 ST is still the pipe. The digital symposer is actually a lot more natural, can't tell it's from speakers.
  9. Just seen this too: If they can produce a 5 dr Fiesta ST, with 200 PS 1.0 Ecoboost, 6 speed box and better ride than the Mk7, I'll be all over it. Could time in quite well for the end of my PCP deal on the Focus. As much as I love the Focus, I only need something Fiesta size, but I wanted 5 doors and the better refinement and interior build. All of which could be on the Mk8....
  10. Looks like no illuminated sill plates on the 5dr ST, how rude! Might have to keep the Focus, haha.
  11. You'll need a different starter and battery for stop start. I wouldn't try adding it to a car that doesn't come with it from the factory. Forscan definitely the best thing to try and diagnose a fault outside of IDS.
  12. It needs to go to a garage.
  13. So no resistance on clutch? Must have got stuck disengaged.
  14. Pics here:
  15. That's probably why Ford say it doesn't have it then, lol.