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  1. It's the only really the tyres and brakes that need a bit of time to bed in. Gearbox can be a little stiff when new too (but that takes several 1000s to really slicken up) Engine is not an issue nowadays, obviously still don't rev it high and put it under high load until it's warm. I just followed what the manual says then did the usual service at 12k/1yr.
  2. It's covered for 3 years as long as it's reported as an electrical issue and they don't try and fob you off that it's trim. If you've only just bought it you have at least 6 months if it was from a business seller anyway.
  3. My 2010 Titanium had the perimeter alarm. Maybe it was only on certain trims for the early cars.
  4. Afaik all UK Mk7 Fiesta's have the perimeter alarm, which is triggered by any door, the boot or bonnet opening when the car is locked. The ST has a thatcham alarm with interior motion sensors.
  5. They should all be ignition switched circuits, not engine switched ones. I have mine wired in to the heated steering (not on the Mk3 PFL), and it keeps running when the engine stops from stop-start. I would expect heated seats to keep going. Perhaps one of the switched circuits for the audio, or windows?
  6. Perhaps they could bring in simulators for areas that don't have access to all the roads required? I just think at the moment drivers can pass without the required knowledge or experience of certain types of road. Even if it's in the highway code, many people unfortunately only learn what's needed to pass the test. The bare minimum for their area.
  7. Have you tried a master reset?
  8. 2017

    Don't forget the trip computer and fuel gauge don't include the last 5L of tank capacity (reserve). So the range should be closer to 400.
  9. I'm guessing yours might have the separate bluetooth module. On cars like the Focus it's in the passenger footwell. If you can find it, it might be worth disconnecting for a few mins. Either that or disconnect your main battery, to force a reset of the modules. The old bluetooth modules had a habit of crashing and had to be unplugged or have power disconnected to reset.
  10. I think they are under the boots at each end of the steering rack. Nylon rings iirc.
  11. If they are factory fit 18s then it should have come with rack limiters. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to remove them - I don't know specifically how though.
  12. Might be photobucket's fault. Have you got a link to an example?
  13. Does the reverse light stay on if you get someone to watch while you are reversing? Might be something as simple as a switch that needs replacing.
  14. You should have rack limiters with the OEM 18" wheels as they are wider. Welcome to the turning circle of a bus.
  15. The problem with pass plus is that it isn't mandatory. You can currently pass your test in a nice quiet rural area of the UK away from motoway then legally drive on any public road in the UK. My Dad used to have people go and take their test out at Dorchester because it had easier routes than the Bournemouth test centre.