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  1. Has the wheel moved? Looks a lot closer to the rear bumper than the rear door.
  2. Focus ST-Line?
  3. Usually that's only cars they have already ordered themselves for stock. If you then make a big change to the spec, it sends it to the back of the queue like a new order anyway.
  4. Wow, bad advice. Could also just not bother getting any insurance. If you can't afford to insure the mods, even after shopping around then don't do them. It's usually cheaper to buy a faster car than modify your car when you are under 25.
  5. Lights left on?
  6. I'm not 100%, but iirc the Zetec S is already lowered 10mm, so the eibachs will probably only drop it by 20mm. If you go too low it looks daft anyway imo.
  7. ST intercooler won't work, the 1.0 ecoboost uses a vertical one next to a smaller radiator. The ST uses a full width radiator with horizontal intercooler in front of it. ST springs won't work either, designed for the weight of a 1.6 ecoboost and 6 speed box, which will be heavier, so it will probably ride higher rather than lower. Why not just grab some eibachs?
  8. One touch is working on the rear window? Very strange it doesn't work with global opening. One touch must be working or it won't open/close with the lock/unlock buttons on the fob, which is why I suggested it. You'll have to take it back then.
  9. PCP is not leasing then. It's more comparable to a mortgage so you should be fine doing some mods. But you should undo them if you ever just hand the car back.
  10. Not normal, but it's probably just lost it's position. You just need to re-program the window, so it know the top and bottom position. Follow this guide (2nd post) on the window in question:
  11. I was going to suggest Triple R for the splitter, only one I really hear being talked about.
  12. Usually takes about a month from being built to arrive. Segmentation means your car has been allocated all its parts from stock, but hasn't been built yet.
  13. Heated steering and seats are switched live, so only on with ignition. Not sure which are permanent live, I hope you plan to get a big memory card. :) I'd trust myself to be more gentle with fitting stuff than any garage, lol.
  14. There is plenty of space to move it over and keep the sensor out of view. I wanted to contain the camera in the blacked out area of the windscreen so you can't really see it from outside. I hard wired it myself. Not that difficult really, I just piggybacked off the heated steering and ran the cable under the door seal.
  15. I've got mine fixed to the windscreen to the left of the big sensor, you can see it in the video, but I don't find it too distracting. I wanted it discreet, or could have positioned it further to the left.