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  1. The problem is that you can control dogs a lot easier than cats. Cats are much more independent and you don't think twice about seeing a cat wandering across the road, a dog on the other hand...
  2. So seems like it is more of an issue when cold then? The sooner it warms up, the better it performs.
  3. Different engine but I can really feel A/C on too. The extra deceleration is like I'm resting my foot on the brakes. Perhaps the Ti-VCT PCM over compensates or something?
  4. Surely if they just paid out and you've got no legal dealings with them, then they cannot claim to back. Have they chased you for it? I'd almost be inclined to ignore it and say you thought it was a scam, if they chase.
  5. Not just that you have the window open recently? I have had that happen to me, only noticed it in warm weather because I had windows down.
  6. Sounds like the throttle pedal assembly needs replacing, pretty sure it is fly by wire throttle on the MK1.
  7. Accelerating hard in low revs and a high gear is never a good idea anyway. Possibly just the diesel knock being exacerbated by lugging the engine?
  8. The good thing is that there are now error codes and it has failed for them to see. Should be able to get fixed now.
  9. The roads generally cut across everywhere though, if they haven't built tunnels for them to go under, they have to go over sometimes :(
  10. Nothing to report if it's just a rabbit, fox, badger, etc. I think you only have to report dogs, horses, etc. People's property basically. Not a lot you can do to avoid it sometimes. Not had it when driving myself but have been a passenger when hitting a rabbit on a NSL road.
  11. Only the maps are provided by TomTom. It is Ford's UI.
  12. Ah ok, just looked it up, seems only the econectic gets stop start on the Fiesta, I thought they all came with it as standard now. It would only have been relevant to indicate the battery level, but as you don't have it, we can't use that.
  13. If it is the 1.5 diesel, it should have stop/start afaik. When you stop the car and take it out of gear, the engine should stop. Then restart when you put your foot on the clutch. Do you have a small button in front of the gearstick with an A in a circle?
  14. I can't imagine them being much different tbh, it was only a facelift, with a new engine. Things like brakes must be the same surely?
  15. Any Ford dealer can get them for you. Fordpartsuk are usually pretty competitive, but shipping could be pricey on a set of alloys and not sure I'd trust them going through a courier network...