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  1. As long as it has had regular oil changes, I think you should generally be okay. They improved the design of the problem areas a bit over the years, but just don't skimp on the oil changes.
  2. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Pinstripe on grille looks good, mirrors a matter of preference, but I really don't like the single spoke wrapped personally. Painted callipers look better IMO.
  3. 2015 Ford Focus DRL

    The incompetence of some dealers really does astound me
  4. Focus estate advice please

    My mum's Focus Estate 1.0 ecoboost will do about 40-45mpg. The 1.6 TDCI will return better mpg. If you are doing the right journeys then DPF should not be an issue. When looking at used 1.6 TDCI cars though, make sure that the car has been serviced and had its oil changed regularly and at the correct intervals because the DV6 can have issues if not serviced properly.
  5. 2011 1.4 3rd 4th gear slow pick up

    I have a turbo'd engine with a lot more torque and yet I'll still drop it down to 2nd if I want to really accelerate from 30mph. It does depend on the gearing of your engine, but 4th is a cruising gear at 30, you can't expect to make much progress accelerating, even more so on a small displacement N/A engine. As others have said, try dropping to 3rd if you want to accelerate, or even 2nd if it will take it, your engine should produce most torque higher in the rev range. Don't do that unless the engine is warm though.
  6. Buy ST alloys?

    A Ford dealer is your best bet for brand new. Fordpartsuk are usually well priced, but generally any dealer can match it. Otherwise for mint you just need to keep an eye out on forums and sale sites as mentioned above.
  7. Footwell Lights

    They are only a dim red light on the Focus ST which is okay to be on all the time. I wouldn't want bright halogen bulbs lit up all the time, that would be distracting.
  8. Dashcam supply - Focus ST3 2016

    I have this one on mine. Fits fine: Connected it to fuse 87 (heated steering)
  9. Focus 1.6 180 induction

    If you want to improve airflow, I'd look at getting an ST airbox for it and dumping the snorkel under the slam panel. That's what mountune do for their warranty approved performance package on the 1.6 ecoboost.
  10. Focus 1.6 180 induction

    Here you go, totally different airbox setup though.
  11. Focus 1.6 180 induction

    Here are some parts catalog screenshots, as you can see, while the design of the pipes are similar, they are not the same. The sensors are in a different position, the mounting brackets are also different and the pipe going down to the turbo is longer. 1.6: ST:
  12. I think an independent with the correct hardware and software access can do it. It will still be delivered through Fords servers, but they have to make it available even if it is charged for. Some people have upgraded software themselves, but you still need an ELM device and I wouldn't know where to get the software files from.
  13. Get it back to Ford for a software update. I had the same sort of thing on my 2012 Focus 163 TDCI. Latest PCM update made it much better.
  14. dump valve sound

    You'd get no sound at all and over speed the turbo. It has to have some sort of pressure release. You might be able to get aftermarket ones which dump some to atmosphere and some to intake, which would create more noise but I don't know how they'd affect the engine. It's going to sound a bit halfords/McDs car park if it's too loud anyway, lol. Better to try and enhance the whole induction noise IMO. It makes a lovely growl the 3 pot, sounds better than my ST, haha.
  15. dump valve sound

    The ecoboost doesn't have a dump valve. It is a recirculation valve, so the bit of noise you hear is pressure being released back in to the intake, before the turbo. If you want more noise out of it, you are better off getting an induction kit. Mountune do one which won't affect your warranty. Just avoid the kits which are open under the bonnet, the ecoboost engines run hot and the turbo is at the front right near the air box on the 1.0.