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  1. The sticker should look something like this one:
  2. Not a Ford engine, nope. Either the 1.5 4 cylinder or 1.0/1.1 3 cylinder.
  3. Looking at the video, I think it's just wearing the ST-Line body/bumper at the moment, probably why it has camo on it, to indicate it's not the final design.
  4. It should be on the B pillar either driver or passenger side.
  5. No if they agree to look at it under warranty but find no problem or update, then you still don't have to pay.
  6. It would be free in warranty if it is to fix a problem. No harm in complaining saying it doesn't feel as responsive as it should be when pulling away, first port of call is normally a software update.
  7. Basically an updated engine map.
  8. Flat spot in power and juddering just sounds like you've not given it enough revs. The 3 pot 1.0 is great when it gets going but you have to give it a bit more when pulling away. There could well be a PCM update which helps, but it will only be programmed to compensate a bit.
  9. I have to say, it still sounded like a 4 cylinder in the teaser. Didn't have that 3 pot growl
  10. That would be too heavy. Feels heavy in the focus, be awful in a fiesta.
  11. Possible scenarios I've thought of: 1, Same engine and output as the ST200. 2, 1.0 ecoboost, with hybrid turbo or electric motor to supplement it. 3, 1.1 3 cylinder with turbo. 4, 1.5 ecoboost. I actually think the last option is the least likely for the simple fact that it has an integrated water cooled intercooler so makes tuning and upgrades near impossible.
  12. Was not expecting that so soon, another 6 months at least....
  13. In that case, gearbox is the same, only the open diff has a different ratio
  14. What engine is in his? My dad has a 140 PS Zetec S, so mechanically identical to the black/red. Only differences are cosmetic.