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  1. My mum got hers from there. She's a volunteer for them, collecting from the mgft food bin at the local supermarket. I've dropped off the stuff at Bere Regis quite a bit. My mum also got her latest cat from the Church Knowle branch. Great charity. They even let me behind the scenes for my school coursework when they were having the kennels built.
  2. Going around Canford Bottom is just as complicated though.... lol.
  3. Check it's not got turned off in the settings.
  4. It's a chain afaik, as my ecoboost is based on it. Should last lifetime of engine.
  5. 2.0 petrol from 2010 will be a duratec. Even a high performance air filter must be declared to insurance. Some even insist on knowing what optional extras it came with from factory.
  6. You need an OBD adapter and something like Forscan. If it's working now, I wouldn't bother.
  7. I don't know, it's an easy enough CSS fix on the site, or I can get a bit hacky with the editor, to force it in to keeping the line spacing smaller (like my sig).
  8. If you don't have any luck pasting from word, let me know and I might be able to fix it.
  9. Might be worth seeing if you have any DTCs stored. It might be preventing the auto folding until they are cleared.
  10. Dealer won't know, because Ford don't release a paint code for it. I had a touch up kit made in VW pepper gray from a tip I got on the Focus ST forum which seems to blend in well.
  11. Yeah as Jon says, it's for turning park sensors off.
  12. Lumbar support. :) Sit in the seat and adjust it, you'll feel the cushion pushing in to your back.
  13. You tune the car with a remap. It can either be a generic map (which uses the ECU learning to adapt to the car), or can be done on a rolling road and have it customised to your car.
  14. The boot is buckled at the bottom and the bumper looks like it has dropped so I'd say it's been rear ended at some point.