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  1. Good and yes. :)
  2. Surely it pulls it from the reg? If you try and lie saving £100 now, you could end up massively out of pocket if you find they don't pay out.
  3. That's a different issue though, not related to different model variants. All Fiesta variants will be made on the same production line. It's just an extension of trim levels. Each trim level is becoming more unique. Also most of the stock pile are probably VW diesels, lol.
  4. If someone didn't buy this, they'd buy something else. Ford bringing the active out won't add to congestion directly, lol.
  5. It's a job that most people think is harder than it is (myself included until i did the first one). If you're not at all a practical person then fair enough, but you don't really need to know much about car electrics if you use common sense and follow the advice and guides freely available. We don't like to see people paying unnecessarily on here and I've heard of far too many bad stories of halfords. Mainly because most of their staff are inexperienced. You get to go careful on your trims then too. :)
  6. I wouldn't let Halfords do anything to my car. Hard wiring is easy imo. Just identify the fuse you want to piggyback then get creative with hiding the cables.
  7. This is the best tool imo:
  8. I've got Nougat on my phone and not had any issues.
  9. Have you tried unpairing and re-pairing?
  10. There is a blade inside the keyfob which you could use, but I think the alarm would get triggered when you go to unlock the car. That said, if you lock the car with the blade, it might not arm the alarm, I've never tried. Try locking the car with the blade, then unlocking it with the blade and the key out or range, see if the alarm goes off. (If it does just put the fob in the car, or lock and re-lock, it should shut it up).
  11. Looks good to me. Any more is ridiculous imo. Also, you need a bit more height on the back, or when you load it up or have passengers, it will sit too low.
  12. A 2012 Focus has no radio code. I used a trickle charger designed to connect to the battery while it is still in the car on my mum's. It does reset the ECU when you disconnect the battery, so I wouldn't disconnect it too often.
  13. Could be. Otherwise just get yourself a trickle charger and top up the battery a bit and see if it works again. That's what I did for my Mum's Focus. The charger was cheaper than what Ford wanted to top it up, lol.
  14. Yeah DPF regen will prevent stop/start triggering. 15 miles might not be enough for it to complete. Car won't actively tell you, but normally you can tell as the fan will be running with the A/C off and the exhaust tends to burble a bit.
  15. If it's not trying to regen then it's probably just the battery. The dealership won't have checked it unless there was a problem. Most they'd have done it top it up, which would have allowed stop start to work for a few weeks, until the level drops again. Stop/start needs a healthy battery over 80% charge. As the battery gets older, it spends less time in that window, without top ups.