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  1. Shouldn't say that every time. I only get it every now and then. Might need diagnostics plugged in to find out why.
  2. I'd go for the ST airbox or the mountune kit if it was me. The latter does not affect your warranty either. :)
  3. Feasible: Yes. Hard Work: Very, unless the app is just a container to display the site at mobile size (not much point in that). It will need support from the admins to implement probably the most important feature, which is push notifications. You also need to factor in costs for getting it on to the app stores.
  4. Late 30s early 40s is what my mum gets from her 1.0 Focus. It will depend on the journeys you do though.
  5. Depends on your journeys. It's not particularly economical. I got low 30s with it in a Focus, so I'd expect about 30 from a Kuga.
  6. You can see it here: Or the dealer can tell you what is due.
  7. The service schedule will say what parts, fluids, etc need changing. Those services are just to attract service customers and often don't change all recommended parts.
  8. I always ignore those things and stick to the service schedule. Don't forget to get brake fluid done, if it wasn't done last year.
  9. App isn't built in house. It is a white label tapatalk product. Can't be fixed and re-published as the site does not own the code.
  10. Customer relations are as useful as a chocolate teapot. The only part of Ford that is more than fob offs is Brentwood HQ. You need to remember that each dealership is a franchise and treat them as such. An independent dealer. Your contract of sale is with the dealer, not Ford.
  11. When in march 2016 did you buy it? For first 6 months, it is the dealers responsibility to prove the fault was not present at the point of sale. Otherwise if it's already more than 6 months, you need to try and stand your ground, say it has not lasted a reasonable amount of time. If they won't budge, say you'll have to have an independent engineer assess it and provide a report to prove it is faulty manufacturing and they will be liable for cost of repair and the engineers report under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Say you'll also be forced to get trading standards involved. If they still don't budge, get the report done and take it back to them proving it was faulty and with the bill for the report. Still no budging it's trading standards time.
  12. Won't be a great deal of difference between the 125 and 140, slightly more responsive. ST line is just a re-badged Zetec S with a slightly tarted up interior.
  13. I do like that I've now finally exchanged on my first home. :D Me loosing my rag seemed to pay off, lol.
  14. Typical, drove past on the way home and the mustang was gone. :(
  15. Problem I found was after messing about for 10s trying to get it to work, it was quicker to park myself. You can get much closer with the rear cam than the parking sensors think anyway.