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  1. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    You are only future proofing with a 4k TV if you are either really close to the TV or are buying over 65". Otherwise you are just throwing money away. If you have the room I'd take a 55" 1080p over a 4k 50" any day.
  2. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    I really rate whathifi reviews too.
  3. Amazon packaging-overkill?

    We re-use all the packaging at my work. We like bigger boxes. :D
  4. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    Just having a quick look on JL and no other research, if you want a 50" Sony, I'd be looking at something like the KDL50W80.
  5. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    I guess I'll bow out of this discussion now then....
  6. Headlight Wrapping

    It's a bit of a fiddle to fit, but all the wiring seems to be in place and live for the glovebox and overhead console on my Dad's. I have worked out what looms are needed for the doors and we are also going to change the grab handles for the gloss black ones when we fit the door ambient lighting.
  7. Headlight Wrapping

    Ambient lighting above the glovebox? I'm fitting the complete ambient lighting system to my dad's Zetec S over the next few months as it only has the cup holders from factory.
  8. Headlight Wrapping

    It's illegal afaik as it reduces light output. Only fly eyes just about get away with it as they are not a film. My personal opinion, I don't like it, looks far too McD's car park, haha.
  9. ECU remap on PCP finance

    The MR165 from Mountune isn't warranty friendly. I'd only consider the MP135 if you have the 125PS (not 140) now.
  10. ECU remap on PCP finance

    Warranty is potentially void for engine and transmission if you use a non-approved remap. In terms of PCP, I believe the wording is something like, you are expected to return the car back to how it was when you got it, any modifications left on the car become the property of Ford when handing the car back. Or words to that effect, it should be in your T & C's. Oh and don't forget to inform your insurance :)
  11. Ford Smell

    You can never quite get the exact smell back, because it is mostly from the fabric and plastics, probably slightly toxic, lol. I have had california scents before as I prefer having a "set and forget" air freshener, but might give this a go as I've got nothing in the ST while the new car smell was still going, pretty much worn off now though :( I need to find somewhere to put it and hope it doesn't leak....can't cope with things like this on show, haha.
  12. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    I find 1080p has plenty enough detail for the size of screen and distance I sit. For gaming I prefer to turn up the eye candy than crank up the resolution. I will be very interested in a PS4.5/PS4K if it offers 1080p60 gaming with improved visuals though, which from current rumours is the aim, with 4K mainly reserved for video sources. @jace1969 If you are looking at 49", stick to the best 1080p you can afford, or go bigger. I always recommend getting the biggest TV you can fit or afford, or you'll always wish you had. I've got a 55" 1080p TV and if it was 4K it would not look any better at my sitting distance, just lag more. 4K is a marketing gimic which should be reserved for proper home theatre setups with projectors.
  13. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    Unless you intend to watch 4K content and can sit close enough to actually see the improvement in quality, you are better off putting your money in to a higher quality 1080p display. If you intend to game, then sticking to 1080p is a must as fewer pixels means less work for the display controller to do and so less lag. Sony TV's are renowned for being some of the fastest displays but their 4K TVs can be 3-4 times slower to respond than their 1080p ones. IMO, 4K is only good for projectors.
  14. TV'S looking at reviews ??

    Unless you have a 4K blu ray, you are still only looking at 1080p pixels on a 4k TV.
  15. Black and Red Gel badges

    Seems to be working for me at the moment.