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  1. 1.0 doesn't have a dump valve/BOV. It's a re-circ and if you replace it with vent to atmosphere you are just wasting air pressure. If you want a bit more induction noise (not just chav tsh), check to see if the snorkel is fitted under the panel around the bonnet latch - if it is, you can safely remove it, The ST comes without it.
  2. If you bought the car second hand there is a chance the previous owner disabled the port. Could either be a blocking module, or a special wiring extension or dummy port, etc. Might have to start tracing the wiring from the port.
  3. Funny as that meme is, I've had to remove it due to swearing. Feel free to post another non-swearing version :)
  4. Perhaps someone should reply with a link to this article....
  5. Decreased I would hope?
  6. I doubt you'll feel the difference. More feel will be felt from any torque limits changes or changes to the torque curve. Waste of time and money trying to remap a NA engine imo.
  7. How many miles had you done?
  8. If they fail prematurely then yes, otherwise they are considered a wear and tear item (i.e. no). I don't know how long you would reasonably expect bushes to last.
  9. Not sure whether that section it is fixed too can easily come out on its own or not. I know the bit around the gear stick just unclips upwards, but if you don't get the angle perfect you can bust some clips. I ended up replacing it when I pulled mine off - it went back on okay, but I always had the niggle some of the clips were broken, lol.
  10. Perhaps it was well used by the previous owner. Not sure what to suggest other than getting to the other side of it, to see if it looks intact,
  11. It's a small displacement NA engine, not really any gains worth bothering with. Better to save your money towards a more powerful car in future
  12. Looks fine to me, are you sure you are using 3.5mm? Do you have any headphones you can try plugging in to test fitment?
  13. Possible that the actual jack socket has fallen away from the hole.
  14. Ask them for a print out of the order status page, it should tell you exactly where it is. If they won't, then they are trying to hide something.
  15. If you're within 6 months of purchase from a trader/dealer, take it back and have them fix it.