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  1. Fiesta Mk7.5 USB

    Android phones often have the option pop up asking if you just want to charge or the type of USB connection to make (mass storage, media device, etc). It does vary by manufacturer though. The Chinese phones often have more options. You could modify any usb cable, in theory. They just have 4 pins and 4 wires, for charging you only need the 5V and ground. (although as I say unless the phone manufacturer decides not to accept the 5V without a data connection present).
  2. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    I know low battery voltage can sometimes cause the computer systems to go wonky, but flickering headlights as a sign of low voltage is when they're set to on not off. Changing the battery might be a starting point, but there could be something else electrical going on too.
  3. Fiesta Mk7.5 USB

    You might be able to get a charging only usb cable. Or you could modify a spare/cheap cable and cut the data wires. This assumes the iphone will charge over USB without a data connection.
  4. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Battery voltage is always higher straight after switching the engine off. It takes a bit of time to "settle" to it's actual state of charge. That said, re-reading your earlier post, you said the headlights flicker even set to off? Do you mean the actual bulbs or just the icon for it?
  5. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Do you have any in-gear comparisons? That usually makes the biggest difference in my experience.
  6. 1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    Yeah it's based on a reduction in capacity of the 1.6 ecoboost to get it under 1.5L for chinese tax regulations. (although they did make a few other changes, like the WC IC). It's a stop gap engine really, until the new 1.5 3 pot is ready.
  7. 1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    1.5 costs more to start with, higher running costs (it's not very economical). The 1.5 is not as characterful or rev happy as the 1.0 either. I've driven both as a manual and prefer how the 1.0 drives, even though it's down on power. Also, the 1.5 is restricted to higher trim levels which increases it's cost compared to the 1.0.
  8. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    PCP is still potentially buying one, you can own the car at the end if you want to. Any finance package or badly priced car bought outright at the start can still be a rip off. You just have to weigh up the pros and cons of each
  9. 2017 fiesta panoramic roof and spare wheel

    Wouldn't surprise me if it's just weight. The cars have to be type approved and meet their emissions targets. They also have to be able to take so much load, potentially a tow bar. Adding a panoramic roof and spare wheel is a lot of extra weight. Otherwise you'll end up with what Honda do, which is different MPG and CO2 ratings for models with panoramic roofs.
  10. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    The 1.8 is still Ford ST performance figures. Unless the 2.0 is AWD/4WD I doubt you'd be able to get the power down to benefit from the extra performance. 0.9s isn't a lot.
  11. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    It sounds pretty reasonable to me but I don't have much experience with pricing for what's being offered. I'm hopeful someone who does can chip in on that one.
  12. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    There's every chance the previous owner(s) weren't kind to the clutch in that time then.
  13. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    How long have you had the car? It's low mileage but not impossible for a clutch to go at 52k, just depends how it's been driven. Technically they can go at any mileage, although before about 20-30k that would usually indicate a manufacturing defect.
  14. It probably just needs reformatting. Do you get the sound affect from Windows to indicate it recognises a device being plugged in? Does it show anything in my PC where your drives are listed?
  15. Black box insurance opinions?

    Me personally I'd rather pay the extra or choose a different car than have a black box. I don't trust the way they're fitted or the invasion of privacy.