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  1. Does Colour Matter?

    Deep impact blue shows dirt, scratches and marks as bad as black. My next one's going to be white.
  2. MK8 125bhp remap

    The gearbox is rated for 215Nm. Any engine or transmission warranty claims are likely to be declined with a remap on the car. Not worth the risk while in warranty imo. Any reason you didn't just get the 140PS in the first place, if you wanted more power?
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    At this rate I'm going to have to hand my car back before I get my Mk8 ST, they haven't even opened order books for it yet. :(
  4. 1500 ecoboost

    The 3 cyl 1.0 ecoboost is a great engine. There were a few issues with split coolant pipes, but if you are looking around 2015 it won't be an issue and will come with the auxiliary coolant pump too. The 1.5 is a very characterless engine (particularly compared to the 1.0), it doesn't feel faster, if anything it can feel slower as it's so undramatic. Also early 1.5s can have rattley turbo waste gates.
  5. New Fiesta with Sync 3 query

    Does it not use the traffic broadcast? My Sync 2 shows traffic without any mobile connection.
  6. Focus ST Line X 140

    You can have a full size spare but it lifts the boot carpet and you need taller inserts around it to support the rest of the floor area.
  7. Fiesta Price Hike

    It's only there to satisfy EU average emission targets. The same as that Aston Martin Fiat 500 thing.
  8. USB audio problem

    Might be worth trying a Sync master reset to see if it helps.
  9. Things I Don't Like

    Jeans are the worst for this.
  10. Fiesta Price Hike

    ST1 is only there for the "from only" price in adverts/ press releases. They don't expect people to buy them. Same as the style, etc. If you look at a price list towards the end of a cars life, the base models have usually been dropped.
  11. Fiesta Price Hike

    The basic ST-1 will at least be under £20k, to get the "from" figures looking good in all the press releases and news stories. The ST-Line X has a lot of kit on it, the ST-1 won't have. Most people will opt for ST-2 and ST-3, assuming they carry over which will no doubt be over £20k. As is usually the case, the ST-1 will then probably be dropped in the next 12 months.
  12. Premium/Super won't cause a problem. Run it long enough it should adjust it's knock sensor and use slightly less fuel. (Thought not enough to compensate the additional cost). On the 1.0 it's not really needed though and will run perfectly fine on regular fuel.
  13. Pop-ups

    Moved and tagging @Steve and @Trevor
  14. Focus ST Line X 140

    My Zetec S with 18" wheels only came with goop no spare. What does the price list say about a spare?
  15. Fiesta Price Hike

    This happens all the time on every new car release from every manufacturer. Launch at one price and get all the press coverage at that price. Then hike the price. The very base model for the "from only" figures doesn't normally stay around long either.