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  1. RS Owners check this out :/

    The whole car is built in Germany and shipped over to the US. So it will be the same engine as Europe gets, only the software may be different.
  2. New Fiesta External Lights

    The dial on newer Fords has been made electronic, with lights. It's not a manually positioned switch any more. So you can't leave it in a position.
  3. childish little bell

    Probably just jealous of your car. For someone to do that in the first place, I wouldn't be over estimating their brain capacity.
  4. New Fiesta External Lights

    I have thought for a while it might be better for lights to default to Auto. The amount of people driving on a dark morning, hammering with rain and no lights on in a dark car is ridiculous. Seems most drivers can't even be trusted to turn their lights on now, so the manufacturers have to do it for them.
  5. Focus mk3 stop start not working

    You can jump start these cars, but you just use the donor car as a booster battery, (i.e. not running).
  6. I had a similar fault on my Fiesta but it was in warranty at the time. I think the dealer updated the software. @iantt is it possible to use something like forscan to reset the Bluetooth module do you know?
  7. Nuts, is it the mk2.5 that's in the footwell?
  8. Might be worth disconnecting and reconnecting the bluetooth module in the passenger footwell. I'd check it over to see if there are any reset buttons on it too (no idea if there is, but worth a look).
  9. Fiesta ST-Line Lowering Springs

    Just FYI, they'll only drop your car 20mm as the ST-Line and Zetec S are already lowered by 10mm.
  10. We had this same decision for my mum's 1.0 Focus. She doesn't do huge mileage, we were trying to not put on the most expensive, but also avoid the cheap rubbish. Went with Avon ZV7s in the end, they are really good. Similar to the continentals, good grip, but not as expensive.
  11. The problem with some of remaps is that it lifts or removes the torque limits. Ford put limits on 1st gear and sometimes others to protect the gearbox. That's why they can put a bit more power than the rated spec as it's capped in certain gears. The advertised torque is just the peak torque, probably in 2nd or 3rd gear. It is wikipedia, I filled out a lot of the info for the Mk8 Fiesta. I could change that, I think it just refers to 6 speed manual, not the actual gearbox code though. The 1.0 6 speed Focus is a Getrag 6MTT250, the ST uses a Getrag 6MTT450. The Fiesta ST probably uses the 6MTT250, all Ford 2.0 TDCi engines with 6 speed manual use the 6MTT450 afaik.
  12. To add the 6 speed box for the 1.0/1.5/1.6 is rated for 280 Nm, the ST box is rated for 450 Nm. From memory I think the 5 speed box is rated for 170 or 180 Nm.
  13. The 6 speed box in the 1.0 is not the same as the ST and RS. It is the same as the 1.5 and 1.6 ecoboost however.
  14. Any Ford dealer can get all the dress up kit parts for you. It won't be as cheap as buying them second hand though obviously. It's the depth of the wheel that's the issue. OEM 17" are the same size as 16", but the 18" are deeper and are supposed to be fitted with a steering rack limiter to prevent rubbing of the arch liner. The 5 speed box is already being taken to its limit on torque. It was never designed with modern turbo charged engines in mind. Some people with the same box in Fiesta's have had synchro trouble. Make sure they are reputable too, as some have had engines written off by a bad map. Are you looking for glass replacement, or just film tints? Only other thing I'd say is factor in the additional cost of insuring all these modifications. If you are under 25 it won't be cheap.
  15. Adams story game

    All stuck together with