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  1. Ah I didn't scroll down that far, lol. We're next to the bridge this time then. Also it's all running an hour later. Now do I leave normal time, or have an extra hour in bed.... decisions......
  2. No map or anything like we used to get. So no idea where our stand will be. Also have to go get t-shirt and guide on the day, urgh.
  3. Dpf

    Moved to Mondeo section for you, some people might know here. It didn't have one on the Focus with that engine, so might not on the Mondeo.
  4. If Jon's suggestions doesn't work, you'll need to get it back to Ford. Their diagnostics can pull the logs of what's triggering it.
  5. Yeah induction kit is the best way imo. I'd get the mountune one for the Fiesta if it was me. Otherwise you need to make sure it has a decent heatshield and cold air feed to stop hot air being pulled in from the engine bay, particularly on the 1.0 as the turbo is right next to the airbox.
  6. They have recirculation valves so the ecu expects the pressure to be released back in to the intake. These things basically leak some of the air for that chavtastic tsh sound. It could actually reduce performance as a result.
  7. There is no dump valve on the 1.0 ecoboost.
  8. I usually clean it the day before. If the forecast doesn't change and it rains all weekend I doubt I'll go. Weather has always been nice the years I've been.
  9. All 140 PS Mk7.5 Fiestas, regardless of whether they are Black/Red Edition, ST-Line or Zetec S have the same shorter gear ratios. (It's actually the same gearbox just with a different ratio open diff compared to the 125PS).
  10. Yeah it needs fitting and programming. Local dealer quoted about £300-350 for my mum's car iirc. When I said yourself I meant it's something that can be retro-fitted, rather than having to be from the factory. Ford have a TSB for it.
  11. It's something you can add yourself. Ford have made it mandatory when installing a tow-bar. I think the pump is for the Turbo, but just an example of how they tweaked it over the years. I still believe the 1.0 ecoboost is more reliable than the old DV6.
  12. They've made changes to it over the years, all come with the electric overrun coolant pump now for example. The software update as part of the recall also adjusted the parameters to try and stop it overheating, or at least warn you or go limp earlier to protect the engine.
  13. Only 400 for the tens of thousands sold? Less than 1%, sounds pretty good to me. No product is free of failures.
  14. 140 bhp if you can imo. It's lovely and responsive with a good amount of go. Shorter gearing though so feels like it really needs a 6th gear at motorway speeds (although even the 125 does to some extent).
  15. Tagging @iantt and @JW1982 as they tend to have good knowledge of these things :)