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  1. I really like it. Back has changed a lot, the overall stance is wider and less wedged shaped. Ultimately it's still based on the same "design language" though. They still wanted it to have the familiarity of a Fiesta. If anything I think it's re-introduced some of the Mk6 about it.
  2. (sorry it's Americanised).
  3. They fake the packaging too :( I only ever buy from proper uk retailers. If Amazon, make sure you are actually buying from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.
  4. I'd check the voltage, but it should be safe to use, just don't draw too much from them. If you just want to change the colour and are handy with soldering on a PCB you could just change the SMDs to a different colour.
  5. The problem is speaking to someone who actually knows what they are talking about and most dealers part of a big group won't give it the time of day. I spent a long time with the chief tech at my local independent working out the system. Honestly the cost of doing it probably makes it cheaper to change the car. You are better off turning off the built in ambient lighting and wiring up your own imo.
  6. General Chat means anything which does not already have a forum section. :)
  7. Another to try:
  8. Next Fiesta ST to be announced before the end of next 2017, with production starting Jan 2018. Sept 12th 2017 is the date being banded about ( ) 6 months between them as expected. :) Suits me as I'll need to be selling or re-financing my car in 2018, so I'll try and grab one as an 18 plate in March or something. Maybe before if I can't wait and they deliver it early, lol. This also mentions driving modes.... Hopefully switchable dampers like the RS so we can have comfy ST-Line like ride or stiffen it up for track/smooth roads.
  9. That does look like the module yes, but the problem is that with the fixed colour ambient lighting, the power for the LEDs comes from the BCM. Whereas with multicolour it is that module which provides the power. So the wires going up to that part are power, not signal. I don't know if you'll need a whole new BCM and A pillar loom to support getting the LIN signal to that module.
  10. I don't think you will be able to do it. On the 2012, it needs a separate module, all new LED modules and possibly even a different BCM (or at least re-programmed). The wiring going up the A-pillar might be different too. As the basic ambient lighting is driven from the BCM, whereas the multicolour is communicated over LIN to the ambient lighting module. Some parts of the loom are the same. Door modules also need re-programming and/or replacing.
  11. What you normally find is that the on sale date is actually the date they plan to have cars on display in dealerships. Order books will probably open for dealers beginning of next year, but ford won't start pushing marketing or publishing their pricelists online until June/July. ST production could time in to start after the summer shutdown.
  12. Sounds about right to me. I think the current focus ST was 6 months behind the main car.
  13. Loads of pics and info up on the press site now: Massive good quality pics too. Love the red accents on the ST-Line interior, they better have that option on the ST. Definitely want one now :)
  14. The system on the RS is quite simple afaik, just an electrically controlled valve in the damper to adjust the flow.