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  1. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    The 1.0 isn't that new now. It's been around for over 5 years. They're pretty on top of the reliability. It was mainly just coolant issues on early engines due to the higher operating temps. All engines now have auxillary coolant pumps as standard, they've added extra sensors in new engines and they've fixed the brittle pipe issue on the focus.
  2. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    1.0 even in 100 guise is far superior to the 1.25 imo. The turbo gives it good mid range and it makes a great noise.
  3. Phone Quote Issue

    What browser on android? I do face the same issue with Firefox on android. The forum software is a bit buggy on mobile with this version.
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Dealers have always had to pay for the roadside assistance, but previously it was built in to the price. Problem is that the big dealers didn't want to pay the few quid surcharge, so didn't offer it. Only the smaller groups and indy's did. That meant Ford did not pull in enough money to pay the AA for the service. Ford then gave the dealers the option of either scrapping it entirely or putting the price up. Therefore, the increase is now put on the customer, so you are effectively going halfs with your dealer on the cost of it. Still much better value than taking out a comparable cover yourself.
  5. 150 and 180 is the same engine yes. They both produce the same torque up to about 4.5k RPM, where the 150 map then starts to tail off so as not to exceed 150 PS. The 180PS instead keeps max torque to about 5.5k before it naturally tails off as the engine "runs out of puff".
  6. Focus 1.0Eco Engine running on

    Probably just a manufacturing defect. Water ingress to electronics can cause the modern cars to go haywire. I had an issue on a previous car where it would lock and unlock itself, get windows stuck etc. Was found to just be the cable cover between the rear door and b pillar had not been fitted properly and was letting water in to the connectors sending the car's modules nuts.
  7. Touch Up Paint

    That's all I do. Sometimes apply a second coat of colour if it hasn't covered well. You need to be fairly accurate though, the solvent will re-flo the paint if you mess about too much when you apply a second coat or lacquer, even after you've left it 45 mins.
  8. Touch Up Paint

    Pretty sure that's only 2 coat. 3 coat are the pearlescent colours.
  9. Touch Up Paint

    What colour paint do you have?
  10. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    The Mk8 looks a lot less training shoe than the Mk7 imo. I'll be getting a 5dr ST though.
  11. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    Photos of the ST and Vignale have already been released. The Mk8 is based off the same platform off the Mk7 so the side profile can't change much. I think they've made all the improvements they needed to, while keeping the great to drive character. Me personally I think the back end is the biggest improvement, and they've also tweaked the lines and pushed down the front to make it more car than wedge shape (back to more like Mk6). The Focus is going to be no different, same platform, if anything it's growing more than the Fiesta has.
  12. Dealer vs Private

    The goods must be of satisfactory quality and last a reasonable time is the jist of it. It can effectively cover the whole car, but it's also what is deemed reasonable, you can't claim for tyre wear after 5 years for example. The law puts a limit on a claim of 6 years from the date of purchase. The first 6 months from a purchase, the seller has to prove a fault was not present at the point of sale. From 6 months to 6 years the buyer has to prove the fault was present at the point of sale. You pay for a independent engineers report which proves it and then can claim that additional cost back against the seller. If you pay a portion of the goods (must cost at least £100) on credit card (I always put £100 on a car deposit on CC, even if I have to pay a surcharge), you also get section 75 protection under the consumer credit act. This extends all your consumer rights to the lender and makes them jointly liable. I've had the full cost of an oven refunded after 3 years, plus the engineers report charge, plus fitting, all paid for on a section 75 claim before.
  13. Dealer vs Private

    @TomsFocus the warranty is irrelevant in most circumstances, it's the fact you have consumer protection for 6 years from purchase. Most businesses don't want you to know or fully enforce your rights. I bought a lemon from a dealer once (not manufacturer franchise, just independent used car sales), I forced them to take it back for a full refund after a few months once I realised and additionally pay me for all the work I'd had done on it, insurance cancellation fees, etc. I'd have been stuffed without my consumer rights.
  14. Dealer vs Private

    The problem is that I don't properly know what I'm looking for. Much more confident with my consumer rights. :)
  15. Dealer vs Private

    £1000 more for a dealer is about right in most circumstances. You have no consumer protection buying it privately. They also have over heads to pay for, not just recovering the value of the car. I personally would never buy privately unless I knew the person.