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  1. I use a meguiars drying towel on mine (when I actually clean my car, lol). More absorbent than normal microfibre cloths. Shammy, eek!
  2. Do you do lots of short journeys which are draining the battery? We bought a trickle charger for my mum after the dealer wanted £25 to charge her battery, left it on overnight and stop start was working again after that.
  3. I'd expect there to be a different one for the Focus. My 2012 did this, but the Foci I've had since with climate control don't, so they must have changed something.
  4. A Volvo? (Still a bit of ford underneath)
  5. So give it 7 mins then?
  6. The fact you're going to miss quick clear rules out any Ford as your next car then :(
  7. Deep impact blue is as bad as black at showing dirt, dust and scratches. Trust me. I love the colour, but I won't have it again. White for me next.
  8. If your car is stock, have you considered something like bluefin? Or do you specifically want a custom solution?
  9. If you find a car that's for sale with these features and displaying the reg, you should be able to use Etis to look up the VIN.
  10. focus

    My first thought was glow plugs as it's okay when warm. What colour is smoke? Probably just unburnt diesel from incomplete combustion (cold cylinders)
  11. Great news and can't recommend mgft enough for rehoming.
  12. Shrunk for you. I copied it in to notepad to remove all the formatting then pasted it back in and started again with the formatting, you had also sorts of different fonts attaching which was messing it about a bit. Also if you need to edit it and create new lines without big spaces, hold shift when you press Enter (return). e.g.: Normal return follows this Like so. Shift return follows this. Like so. :)
  13. Goes fast
  14. There are other factories that build Fiesta around the world, Thailand for one. They used to build the Mk7 in Spain too, my 2010 Fiesta was Spain built. But currently all new Fiesta for the European market are built in Germany. Not sure if that includes Russia or if there is another active factory which supplies them.