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  1. This. Around 2014 I think. I've suggested to my parents to get their 2012 Focus done.
  2. The turbine shouldn't be spinning by the time you shut the engine off. The cooling is to stop heat damage. I agree it doesn't hurt, but that's why they fit the cooling pump to an engine which has stop/start.
  3. Mk4 isn't out yet.
  4. Don't I know if it relates to engine temp. But it's only on for 5-10 mins the same as when you push the button yourself then whatever causes it to go off.
  5. Yes but I've read it's only slight. If you didn't drive them both you probably won't be able to tell.
  6. You need to re-read everything we've been saying through this thread if you think that.
  7. Does sound a bit like the clutch is slipping when cold. Stick it in 5th at 30mph and try and accelerate (not harshly or you'll lug the engine), if the revs rise quickly then it's slipping.
  8. If you can wait 12months the new one should be out, or very close. You might find the ride (and looks) better on that. I'm hoping they'll go for an RS style switchable damper....
  9. A different tyre will have a different tread pattern and different rolling resistance. You should ideally have them done in pairs on the front, rear not so much an issue. It might be worth getting your wheels swapped front to back and see if it solves it.
  10. If the tracking was off it needed doing. So not £30 wasted. But obviously still something going on. Is it drifting or tramlining? I.e. does it constantly drift in one direction all the time it is it following the road surface?
  11. 100 miles shouldn't have done any long term damage.
  12. They will be unevenly wearing as soon as you put the tyres on. It depends on your mileage as to how quickly it will have a lasting effect.
  13. Probably cheaper to buy a different car. Needs new screen, new modules, software, programming. Possibly new looms, different GPS config. Honestly, better to stick with what you have than trying to upgrade. There are kits in the US, but they are about 2k iirc.
  14. It's electric, doesn't run on coolant. As we've discussed the increased electrical load on the alternator should in turn load the engine more speeding warm up time. Which is probably why it's programmed that way.
  15. The lights won't be on. You can only tell because of the way it clears.