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  1. It's the same as any other technology, ABS, power steering. Just there to make life easier. I'm quite capable of using handbrake on hills and hill start. I do both, depending on how long I'll be stationary, more than a couple of secs I'll use the handbrake.
  2. Even with an aux heater, afaik it still pulls air passed the engine to warm it up first and the aux heater just tops it up if the engine isn't warm enough to heat the air sufficiently. So it will still pull heat out of the engine.
  3. The funny thing is that while it might reduce power output, high load on the AC generally helps warm up time as it loads the engine. That said, having hot air blowing in to the cabin just sucks the heat right back out of the engine again, lol.
  4. 3-4 mile trips with a diesel, eek!
  5. I had a DV6 Fiesta and never noticed anything like that though...
  6. You'll still be loosing power to a cold block, glow plugs help warm it up quicker. The cold map still shouldn't make it feel like it's going to stall.
  7. Sync 2 uses HERE maps, old system used TomTom, not sure what Sync 3 uses.
  8. Does sound like a glow plug issue, does it start ok? Turbo charged engines usually like colder weather as the air is more dense (so more oxygen) and the intercooler is more effective. On a diesel there are no spark plugs, so if the glow plugs are not warming up the block enough, then it could struggle.
  9. No, just means I am a forum staff member. This site isn't affiliated with Ford.
  10. Ah, in that case definitely not normal. They all rattle a bit, but if its changed then you've got grounds to get it fixed. Just got to keep persisting or threaten legal action.
  11. I changed my car as all the 1.5s are that loud. 1.0 is not normally loud enough to hear while driving though, I've driven a few of them now. Have you compared yours with others in the forecourt? If they sound better, just keep pushing that yours sounds unacceptable.
  12. Turbo actuator. Not a fault. Has to be fairly loose or it would seize when hot. Can you hear it while driving? My old 1.5 was so loud you could hear it while driving. The 1.0 is much quieter.
  13. 1.0 ecoboost has only been available since the facelift. It has changed since then. The 140 has an uprated head gasket and different gearbox/diff ratio.
  14. At some point Ford started fitting the same turbo to both 100 and 125, I just don't know when it was.
  15. 140 and 125 are mechanically different. Not sure about 100 and 125, think it depends on when it was built. You can get 140 5drs new, but if you are looking second hand and want 5drs, 125 will be highest output you can get.