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  1. I can only assume it's the latch itself which has gone. Is it out of warranty?
  2. Reminds me of my first Focus, yours is no doubt in a much better state though. Should be easy to swap the HU for the CD version too if you wanted.
  3. FTDI were the best chipset for the budget modified elm devices when I bought mine. Can't find any I'd be happy buying yet though, will keep looking.
  4. You will be able to get the ST-Line badge from any Ford dealer. Sometimes when new models/trims come out it can take a few weeks to show on their system, but it will be there. If it can be fitted at the factory, it can be ordered through a dealer. :)
  5. Feel for you, does sound like other car is at fault though, for driving in to your door. Did they accept liability?
  6. For Fords you can't beat Forscan (other than IDS) with a modified elm327. Not sure how many other cars it works on, might be worth a look. For Fords at least, it's much better than generic code readers.
  7. A Ford dealer could probably get one, they may even have them in stock.
  8. Sounds like battery to me.
  9. No idea what this company is like, just found them from a quick google, but it shows Ford 29 as a key code:
  10. They should be able to sort it now though, no way they can't re-produce it, if it was towed broken down with fault codes logged.
  11. Not familiar with Comodo, but have you checked the list of sandboxed programs? With regards elevated permissions, this didn't exist in XP, if you were logged in as an admin everything got elevated access by default. There was no UAC until Vista.
  12. The problem is that you can control dogs a lot easier than cats. Cats are much more independent and you don't think twice about seeing a cat wandering across the road, a dog on the other hand...
  13. So seems like it is more of an issue when cold then? The sooner it warms up, the better it performs.
  14. Different engine but I can really feel A/C on too. The extra deceleration is like I'm resting my foot on the brakes. Perhaps the Ti-VCT PCM over compensates or something?
  15. Surely if they just paid out and you've got no legal dealings with them, then they cannot claim to back. Have they chased you for it? I'd almost be inclined to ignore it and say you thought it was a scam, if they chase.