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  1. Virus pop up whilst on this site.

    I'll chase it up again if we haven't heard anything by Weds.
  2. Virus pop up whilst on this site.

    If I could fix it I would. Only thing you can do is use an adblocker until the admins sort it if it is a concern.
  3. Persistent quote - annoying bug!

    So if you delete it and then refresh, it comes back?
  4. New Fiesta Ecoboost Groan When Reversing

    If reverse jumps out then it wasn't in properly in the first place. As has been mentioned, the 5 speed box has no synchro on reverse so it will be more difficult to engage. You need to make sure you are at a complete standstill and hold the clutch down a couple of seconds before engaging reverse. If it still won't go in I used to pump the clutch then it would be fine. You soon get used to feeling when it has and hasn't gone in properly. Hopefully the dealer can fix the hill assist though :)
  5. What to declare to insurance

    It depends on the insurer, you'll need to ask yours what needs to be declared and what doesn't. Bulbs are generally okay as long as they aren't intended to significantly increase light output (e.g. HIDs).
  6. Try here: I don't know what it is personally, I tried looking on microcat and it just seems to be part of the cylinder head cover. Perhaps an unused mount? I'm sure someone who's worked on these might now, like @iantt maybe?
  7. Have you looked in the online manual to see if that has any info?
  8. Severe Rattle - 1 day old ST180

    Does it do it with just ignition on but engine off? Does it do it as soon as you start the engine or only once the engine revs have dropped? Or does it stop after the engine has idled for a bit (auto choke). I can't quite tell from the video if it is electrical (like a relay) or resonant (i.e. vibration). It's something that should be fixable under warranty, could be really simple. Need to try an narrow down what is causing it though. Can you hear it outside/underneath the car or under the bonnet, or only in the cabin?
  9. Will this fit my car

    Yeah afaik. Same bumper just added chin and splitter at the factory. I only did the grille on my old Focus for the Zetec S, but all the parts are interchangeable.
  10. Will this fit my car

    What about the Zetec S chin and splitter?
  11. Will this fit my car

    Won't fit. Not even close, ST has a totally different bumper.
  12. Virus pop up whilst on this site.

    It's not anything from the site, just loaded by some bad 3rd party ads. Nothing should happen unless you open the link, but if you are concerned I would suggest installing something like ublock origin or Adgaurd browser extension. The former has a steep learning curve but is more powerful, the latter is more simple and just set and forget. Unfortunately Google do not support extensions on Chrome for Android, which is why I use Firefox.
  13. New FOC App need asap

    The problem is what app is going to be the back end? There is no official app built by IPS (the forum software developers). The old app was built by Tapatalk which has become an untrustworthy buggy mess so we can't use that anymore. There are push notification services but you would still interact with the forum via the website. I had a look around when the site was first updated and I could find no solutions I would be happy with at the time for any of my own sites. I'll have a look again to see if I can suggest anything to the admins.
  14. Membership forum link

    I've sent the admin a PM incase tags weren't working.
  15. Does Clutch Pedal Switch Do Anything

    It also allows the ECU to help smooth out gear changes and maintain the correct idle speed. I'm not sure if the latter is present on a 2006 but on mine when I depress the clutch to engage first the revs go up a bit.