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  1. Just to confirm firm my audio volume still temporarily goes down when park sensors are beeping as before.
  2. I don't mean in terms of the ST, but the new Fiesta overall. The back is very much like an estate. In terms of the ST, I like the understated look, I'll see the inside more than anything. There is always tuning and parts companies to rice it up a bit.
  3. Look at any recent Ford estate, that's where the back has come from. A good move imo, Ford's saloons and estates have looked better than their hatches from the back for a while. I like the back personally.
  4. I've read that PR about 3 times already, lol. Loads of info and massively high res pics here:
  5. Yes please, could do with better than 28 MPG at the mo...
  6. Just sounded like a symposed 4 pot. But I guess it's a 3 pot. I'm all for it, just didn't expect them to use a new unannounced engine on it. 1.0 sounds awesome, so hopefully the 1.5 with exhaust valve will sound even better.
  7. New engine, wasn't expecting that.
  8. At least sharing more parts with the ST-Line the economies of scale should hopefully mean they can keep the cost down.
  9. Well my PCP deal isn't up until Oct 2018, but I'm planning to get in the queue, seeing what the RS is like, lol. If I change it early I'll still be happy. I'm finding the Focus a tad big, but I still want a 5dr ST. Sounds like it will have driving modes too, so hopefully switchable dampers which means an ST-Line type of ride in normal mode, but switchable to more like the current Fiesta ST when needed.
  10. My dad gets around 47-50MPG from his mainly motorway commute. About 25 miles each way.
  11. I'm exactly the same, I love the look of the Civic Type R, but also look forward to a more subtle looking ST. I think the ST-Line has actually been made more aggressive, so that's why the ST doesn't look so different. Suits me though.
  12. Another pic, looks better here:
  13. I've just been watching twitter for talk on the Fiesta ST, lol. Didn't know it was anyone on here. It will be based on the 1.5 4 cylinder if the snippet google grabbed from the Sun is correct. Hopefully as Ian said, without the water cooled IC.
  14. Further details coming 2pm :)
  15. Looks like they are using the same bumper as the ST-Line, but black lower parts. I can't listen to vid at the mo though..... Will have to wait till lunch.