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  1. EcoBoost 1.5 knocking sound

    I can't hear anything unusual. The modern ecoboosts do sound like diesels at idle due to high pressure injectors and the like.
  2. Anyone recognize this Mk3.5 1.0

    Front bumper is from an ST.
  3. New St Line Fiesta

    That's probably the RRP. Nobody ever pays that. You can always get 10-15% off.
  4. Change ford cup holder light/bulb

    It's not a bulb but LEDs. They will be SMD LEDs, so would need soldering. I think there might be people that can do it for you if you're not confident with that sort of thing.
  5. DRL's on Mk 3 Focus

    The only LED DRLs on the MK3 (pre facelift) are part of the bi-xenon headlights, so really not a straight forward swap. The ford approved DRL accessories are similar to the picture above, but the LED strip is positioned horizonally at the bottom of the two triangles.
  6. Sync - Pulling My Hair Out!

    Good old turn it off and on again. Sync is Windows based after all.
  7. focus 06 radio code

    A ford dealer or 3rd party. You could try eBay. Further discussion of radio codes is forbidden unfortunately.
  8. Is my MPG right?

    My dad used to get about 50 MPG from his 1.0 Fiesta on a 30 ish mile motorway commute.
  9. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    Yeah you get the goo instead as the sub goes in the wheel well. You could always get your own spare to keep in the boot if you want both.
  10. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    B&O can be speccced on all but base model
  11. Those pirellis are asymmetrical, have you checked they are both on the correct way round? Also worth checking your other tyres to make sure they are correct.
  12. Avengers Infinity War trailer

    Lost me at avengers. I actually liked the first one, then they COD'd it.
  13. MK8 Seatbelt screen on dash off

    Does it not clear itself when you start driving?
  14. Jammed In 1st Gear

    They changed the rules, I think the idea is that if it's a certain age it's being kept as a classic and is likely to be well looked after.
  15. Jammed In 1st Gear

    Afaik, if there is air in the system it will need bleeding to get it out.