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  1. Faraday cage and move the OBD port will be a good start :) EDIT: When I say faraday cage, you don't necessarily have to buy anything, an old lidded tin will usually do, but test it first.
  2. Afaik only late 2008 models could be Mk7, so 58 plates. To be fair, stuff changes on cars even mid way through its life (between facelifts), so it's always best use years imo. E.g. Ford changed to Sync on the 2008 Fiesta mid 2010, although it wasn't facelifted until 2013.
  3. The Ford keys are passive keys, so only transmit when you push a button, or it is woken up by the keyless system of the car. I would be willing to bet if you walk passed a different keyless Ford, it will still wake the key up, but the code will be wrong, so it will appear nothing happens, then when out of range the key goes back to sleep. The keyless system in the car is basically constantly saying "Hello any keys there?", but the range is limited to 1-2m from the car. When a key enters that range it wakes the key up, I assume it uses the battery in the key to then send the unlock signal, as I read when not used for a long period the keyless key will hibernate. The relays/boosters thieves use just extend the range so the car thinks the key is in range. They work because most people leave their keys by the front door and the car is on the drive, so it doesn't actually need relaying that much further.
  4. Just to confuse you more, a 2008 Fiesta in the UK would be called: Mk6 Facelift, or Mk6.5 (0.5 just means facelift anyway) Outside the UK, it would be called: Mk5 facelift, or Mk5.5. Clear as mud? lol.
  5. The principal as far as I know is to boost the signal from the car, to wake the key up, then it relays the signal back to the car.
  6. The codes change though so even if they scan it, once locked/unlocked again the code has changed. The idea of the faraday cage it to stop thieves using signal boosters to trick the car in to thinking the key is within range.
  7. The bit in front of the gearstick has a soft touch rubbery base, so it shouldn't rattle there. When I had keyless start without entry, I used to position the keys in my pocket such that the buttons were facing out and I could just hit the unlock button as I walked to the car without taking them from my pocket.
  8. Try contacting the organisers, they'll probably sort something for you.
  9. Don't buy a Ford? Lol. No but all my Ford's have rattled, if it's really bad I go on the hunt with some fabric tape, the stuff they wrap around cables.
  10. I personally think any tint, fly eyes or not looks naff. If you really want darker headlights, I think it's better to go down the route of having the insides painted. (Not the reflectors/lens obviously, lol).
  11. Just something to bear in mind is that the front windows are usually a 30% tint. They barely look tinted and yet that means a 30% reduction in light transmission.
  12. Sounds like a faulty switch to me, but yeah I'd have thought it would stop central locking working.
  13. Afaik the answer is no. You can (or could) get away with fly eyes as they weren't actually a tint, just gave the illusion of one. Also consider it will reduce the light output of your headlights, which defeats the point of fitting better ones.