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  1. Low Fuel Economy

    Sorry, I should have said. The fuel filter was changed. Could the EGR cause a large amount of issues for fuel economy?
  2. Low Fuel Economy

    Hello all, I posted last month about the low fuel economy on my Ford Focus 2005 TDCi. It had not been serviced for 2 years and was told to try a Service. The Major Service was completed on Monday by Linsey Ford. The car feels great now to drive. Engine noise is much lower and car feels quicker to move off. The only problem is that the fuel economy is still the same. Does anyone know what else could be the problem?
  3. Mark 2, Hatchback, Very Low Fuel Economy - Help!

    There is 70000 miles on the clock. I have had the air filter changed though, about 2 months ago. Although no other work has been done since I purchased the car. Will check the book and see when the last service was.
  4. Mark 2, Hatchback, Very Low Fuel Economy - Help!

    Thanks for the reply. I was foolish, it was my first car and never got it serviced year 1. I would have had it serviced this year earlier, but was told to get underlying issue resolved before the service. I guess it was bad advice. Anyway, I am going to get it serviced this week. Thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone. newbie here..lol I have had a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi for 2 years now which is 5 years old. Over the last few months I have noticed a terrible decrease in its performance. I am currently getting around 400 miles for the entire tank (driving the say way as usual) and the car does not seem to be able to move off as quickly as it used to. Now, I admit, I have yet to service the car since I got it, which i should have done. I brought the car to a local garage who told me it needs serviced, but said it will not fix the problem. he believes that getting around 400 miles per tank shows a problem far greater than a service would fix. Does anyone here have any ideas what else could be causing this? I know very little about cars and do know want to put the car into a garage without an idea of what may cause this. The last thing I want is to replace parts that are fine. Thanks,