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  1. you may well be right but then why has it only happened twice ???.
  2. Hi, Mk 6 fiesta finesse, about 4 months ago I noticed one day that the drivers side carpet was soaking wet,couldnt find an answer to why. It dryed out so I forgot about it.Now it has happened again this week. no visable leaks any where and Ive not driven through any puddles.Only this time my windscreen is frozen on the inside, this has never ever happened before.And it was not at the time of any heavy rain so it wasnt rainfall. Any ideas ??? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the list,It appears that this car even thuogh it is a 2003 it has the Triple deck system thats listed as 2005.It would have to be the most complex of them all.But thanks for you input I may have never found it. Cheers haitch
  4. Its the factory fitted one I need to know how to remove,( pics etc) Thanks
  5. Can anyone please tell me how to remove the radio from a fiesta finesse 2003.The reason being it has to be taken out because the code is locked out and has to go back to Ford to be reset. But I want to fit an alternative set. Thanks.