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  1. not a particularly helpful reply, but you'll get them cheapest from a scrapyard, or searching each part on ebay sometimes gives good results. healight cost me abotu 20quid including postage from ebay i think i got everythign else for my crashed one off the scrappy, & mines real good coz they remove em all for you, and you get to see what needs doing to remove/replace the parts. final piece of bad news is that mine had less damage than yours & I paid 175 for it, trailered to my garage. unless its a fairly high spec one, i dont think you'll get £400 for it. out of curiosity, what year, colour & spec level is it? and has it got alloys? i might be persuaded to make you an offer...
  2. a 2nd hand driveshaft is £50 in the scrapyard, personally speaking, i wouldnt even consider reusing a bent one. i did the shaft at the same time as my wishbone, & it IS a diy job, but unless you have a windy gun, you'll struggle taking off the hubnut... new driveshaft seal is about a quid fifty from ford, worth having, i never like reusing old ones, and the hubnut is a couple of quid - again, you can use the old one but i'd rather not. you'll need a crowbar and a !Removed! heavy hammer to take the inner end out of the gearbox too, and make sure you've got something to catch the gearbox oil in when it pops out its a tougher job than the wishbone for sure, but it's still not impossible by any stretch
  3. post the picture again if you're still after an answer & i'll have a look tonight...
  4. i did this myself this weekend, it's dead easy, my part was £24 plus vat from sutton auto factors - (there was also a cheaper one at £18 but it didnt seem worth skimping on quality for a difference of £6 2 18mm (iirc) bolts to remove - 1 through each bush, holding the wishbone onto the subframe. and then you'll need to undo the pinch bolt for the ball joint - i would replace this one, as mine sheared as i was tightening back up - 3 quid from ford & you'll need a fairly large torx bit to holt the bolt still while you tighten the nut up. (i didnt have one big enough so i tapped a smaller one in with a rag round it & this was sufficient be careful when you come to drop the balljoint out of the hub, when i did my 406 a couple of months back, when i dropped the balljoint out, the driveshaft popped out, spilt gearbox oil everywhere, and i took a brake disk to the face. not fun. the wishbone on the KA is MUCH easier than the 406. dont hesitate to shout me if you've any other questions about it p.s. when i did my wishbone i also did the subframe, driveshaft, and this weekend i'm doing the steering arm. if you find any of these are damaged also, i'd be happy to talk you through any of them. we did the lot for under 150 quid, ford had quoted £500, not including the steering rack. best of luck eddy
  5. for future reference, the subframe supports just the wishbone & therefore the hub. easy to remove, although my driveshaft was broken so nothing was under tension. in the past on my 406, removal of the bottom balljoint left a brake disk in my face, so take extreme car with this one! i'll maybe get some pics of the reassembly incase anyone else is undertaking a similar job
  6. nice one, thanks. yeah if its nackered the mounts i dont think i'll bother buying it, lol this is the part
  7. I'm looking at the prospect of buying a ka which has had a wee bump. needs a new driveshaft & wishbone which i know i can do, as i've done them before, but it also needs the front subframe doing (passengers side) so i'm curious as to whether anyone here has ever replaced this part? is it a garage job, or can i potentially do it myself? does this part of the subframe support the engine or is it just supporting suspension & steering etc. looks like its a bolt-on part from the pictures on ebay, but i cant find a definative answer as to whether its a diy job or not... any thoughts? cheers eddy