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  1. what do u mean do the job i want to increase the bhp
  2. hi every one i would like your help with picking which induction kit is best for my car as i hope you have one of the following induction kits so you can tell me is worth buying 1. 2. 3. please some one point me in the right direction as i am stuck now as i dont no which one is best thank you for your help
  3. hi i am wanting to upgrade stuff to get more bhp out of my car so any help would be great thanks all
  4. i am going to check over all the stuff when my haynes come which is what i got off ebay today for 5 pounds so cant wait i have somthing els but i want to fix this first
  5. ford focus mk1 1.6 battery light come on today and stayed on please advice me how to fix it i have not had the car long and it has come a few times since i have had it it has a new battery from previous owner and brand new alternator and i have them tested and i am going to get them tested again tomow to get a right reading but i would like to fix this problem once and for all i would like to add i will happily donate a little money for the fix of my focus i am always checking my mail so please help as fast as you can ps i am sorry for anything i may have missed but please if u need any info i will try and help i have 1 other problem but i will fix that after this one