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  1. Self Fitting Rear Parking Sensors

    When I did mine I was not sure where the wires ran when they entered the boot! Otherwise I'd of connected to the same one you have. But job done they work so can't be bad as for earth I managed to find a screw that had a good earth had a c connector so losened the screw and job done!
  2. Self Fitting Rear Parking Sensors

    Thats any main dealer for you! Fitted ambient light in the week, cost under £6, ford price quoted today was £88, plus they were not sure if it is possible!!!!! Pic of sensors
  3. Self Fitting Rear Parking Sensors

    These ones are the ones i got they come in various colours and include a drill bit. Look at your rear bumper and under it is a plastic strip this is where ford mount these and these fit a treat. Look behind and you will see the spaces where they go. Drill there and use washing up liquid when you fit sensors. On the left hand side of the boot remove the panel to access the light wireing/fuse box. look for a brown/green wire you will need to splice onto this for your live feed to sensors, connect the earth to a suitable point. I fed the sensor wires through the grommet at the bottom of the spare wheel well(didn't want to drill metalwork yet) used duct tape to protect wires plus some old carpet. Connect the wires to control unit and then i put the speaker under the plastic parcel shelf supports about 5 inches from the rear seats. took about 1 hour start to finish. They work a treat and for £14.99 compared to frauds prices. FYI i chose the matt black, I also fitted a switch to them so I have the option to turn them off if I want to! ebay
  4. Self Fitting Rear Parking Sensors

    Very easy hardest part was locating the wire to reverse lights I put a post up last year
  5. Just fitted Ambient lights to the Interior light cluster of my Mk4 Mondi Edge total cost well under £10!! and takes less than half hour to make up and fit! Marlin 2x Mono 3.5 jack plugs £2.18 (just need plastic covers) eBay (phenoptix) 1x 5 Pack Bright Orange pre-wired 12v LEDs (Various Colours) £1.89 free P&P Total £4.07 if you had to buy everything still would be under £7 Bits From my Bits and Bobs Tin Speaker Cable about 8inches is plenty 1x Male mini Spade 1x Female mini Spade Blu Tack Heat shrink Tubing 1. Remove silver part of phono plugs and discard them 2. Place a small ball Of blu tack around each of the LEDs at the point where the heat shrink ends and the cable starts this stops them moving in covers 3.Thread each LED into a plastic sleeve gently push bulb until it just at the end of the sleeve 4. Strip the wire back on both LEDs and separate speaker wire and strip about quarter inch off both ends 5. Twist both live wires and live speaker cable together cover with heatshrink and heat to seal joint now do same with negative 6. On other end of your cable get your live and crimp the female mini spade onto it and crimp female onto negative cable. 7. Remove interior light held in place by metal spring clip at front end 8. Reach inside the hole and on the passenger side just before the dome of the sunglasses holder there is a brown wire with a long thin White plug (female mini spade) gentlely pull this free and connect your male spade 9. Look into the interior light from the passenger side and you will see a male mini spade pointing towards you connect your female plug here. 10. Turn on lights to test and if so slot both plasic sleeves into the holders at each end of interior light tidy up the cableing and push back into it's home. Half hour start to finish tops.
  6. Mk4 Eyebrows

    Without looking at the new style bumper i cant offer much light, but i'd look to obtaining the bumper as cutting out the holes and getting it exact will be a pro job. So unless your skilled in this area the bumper option would be best but costly! But there is also the possibility it wont fit too!!! So what i would do and i am considering it is to use some of the LED strips now quite cheap, plus flexable strips can be bent round the headlight for the audi look! There is a mondi round Banbury with this style and it looks nice. The chap only paid £40 for this too! Next time i see him i'll take some pics and post up. As for putting them inside the headlamps, i'm sure they will fit with time and care can be made to look like a factory fit. As i said above i'll get the details next time i have a chat with the guy and post all the info supplier ect
  7. Admin could someone please delete this thread posted twice in error sorry
  8. Just fitted Ambient lights using the tips here to locate the wireing clipped to the back of the interior light housing, as I did so I found some more unused wireing there! Can anyone shed some light as to what it is for? I have a MK4 Edge if that helps Thanks in advance
  9. Just fitted Ambient lights using the tips here to locate the wireing clipped to the back of the interior light housing, as I did so I found some more unused wireing there! Can anyone shed some light as to what it is for? I have a MK4 Edge if that helps Thanks in advance
  10. Mk4 Eyebrows

    Look nice on Audi's but I think the Mondi ones are just jumping in the band wagon and don't look right! Just my opinion! Ford should of redesigned front bumper rather than cut two slots and hey presto! Saying that maybe I'm just jealous I aint got any lol
  11. Mk4 57 Plate Edge Fog Lights Wireing

    Fog lights are fitted wires are all there clipped to bumper at the back of fog light housings. Held in place by a overly designed blank plug! Dash switch from a Titanium fitted and gives me a added bonus of a dimmer and semi auto lights (ie if I use auto lights position my headlights come on and off with ignition) light switch also looks nicer with silver trim. Now all that's left is to pop her to Frauds to have then tell her she has fog lights. That's happening Friday when they are reprogramming my keys! Cost Breakdown:- Pair of Fog Lights. £109 Inc Postage EBay (New) Light Switch £ 25 Inc Postage EBay (Used) Fuse Programming £0.00 ford doing for free due to me Paying £50 for them to re- Program my keys!!!! Total cost:- £134 Not too bad.
  12. 2008 Titanium X Passive Unlocking

    I'll try to find more info, sure I read a PDF about it
  13. 2008 Titanium X Passive Unlocking

    1. RKE function: press lock button to lock the door, press unlock to unlock the door, hold on the trunk button 2 seconds to open the trunk. 2. PKE function: Hands free ARM / DISARM function with 0.5 -2 metre range. (Works both when leaving or approaching the vehicle) 3. Lock notice:when lock the door,the original horn will beep once,when unlock the door, the original horn will beep 2 times. Can disable the unlock horn beep. 4. Windows autoclose:(with the smart remote when you leave the car for 2 meters, the door will lock automatically and the windows will roll up automatically) 5. Define the unlock way:you can define to unlock the driver's door or 4 doors when go to the car. 6. Trunk PKE function:when you go to the trunk,no need take our the key , you can open the trunk by hand directly。 7. Shock Alarm:when some people want to damage the car the horn will keep on beep for 5-10 seconds to warn 。 Try this bud.
  14. Mk4 57 Plate Edge Fog Lights Wireing

    Result! Just found a place on eBay that sells New ford original fog lights for £99 +£7 p&p that's for both lamps!!! Ford price is £89 just for one side! This also comes with bulbs and holder!!! So is there anything else I need? And do I need to have the car plugged into a computer to get lights activated? I have the switch already installed. Thanks in advance
  15. Mk4 57 Plate Edge Fog Lights Wireing

    Cheapest I've seen at ford is £80+vat for the lamps then youll need bulb holders clips ect I persume at least from a scrappy you get all of it!