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    focus 1.6 16v climate
  1. Help!!!!

    thanks matey al have alook
  2. Help!!!!

    will the power steering pump from a mk1 fit on a 07 focus
  3. Ford Escort Modding

    if its off a mk 6/7 escort it just fit on. but what is hard about abit of modding to make it look good :P
  4. Blower Stopped Working

    hi if your fuses are ok and theres power to the switch go to a scrap yard and get a switch
  5. Rain Sensors

    cant be done with the standed loom as the wires just arnt there. you will have to make a new loom or just dont bother lol its more hassle than its worth B)
  6. if you live in Wakefield and are interested in cruising please visit my website www.wakeycruise.com join and come to our events :)
  7. Focus 1.8 Zetec Intermittent Starting Pattern

    is it powering up the fuel pump and priming the cylinders ?
  8. Focus 1.8 Mk1 Central Locking Got A Mind Of Its Own

    i had the same problem witch was down to the c.l.m central locking modulater. its easy to replace i had 2 if i find them ill pm you and we will go from there
  9. Few Pics..

    like it mate
  10. Car Judders When Pulling Away. Only When Cold?

    ok mate hope you get it fixed
  11. Car Judders When Pulling Away. Only When Cold?

    it could be to do with the air intake sensor or the fuel and air mixture sensor. if the ecu thinks engine to cold the ecu tells the air and fuel mixture to add or take more air/fuel so the engine runs as normal Evan in very cold conditions. if its doing this when it shouldn't it will cause the car to chock up and judder and lose power normally goes if you put the clutch in and rev or change gear. hope that helps abit. my advise unplug the battery for 10 mins to reset the ecu. if that doesn't work take it for a OBD II scan
  12. i have to aggree moddin your engine will kill it in the end but if you have the money and its what you want to do go for it. things the wont work 1. back box 2. air filter 3. de cat things that do work 1 ECU remap 2 full exhaust system 3 full induction kit 4 cams things like that will work but if your gunna do a job do it right puttin a back box on wont work you need a full system
  13. My New Zetec S

    nice wheelz B)
  14. C-Max Radio Code Needed 6000Cd

    my code is 4996 try that