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  1. I have the exact same problem. First thing in the morning is always fine but during the day between trips it is like rolling a dice when it comes time to start. Is there any ideas on what is causing this?
  2. my 2006 trend went in for regular service and the dealer tells me I need to change the timing belt as per their 80km service schedule. Is this a bit too soon? my car is now 91km and everything I can find on the net says the timing belt schedule is 100,000m. I am also being told that the drive belt needs to be removed as part of this service and the dealers dont reuse the same belt once they have taken it off. Is this all making sense, or is the dealer looking to make as much money from me for this service.
  3. Great!! I will ride the mk1 version while I order the correct one. The ebay people seems to have the correct version based on my VIN so we will see what gives. I must say though it is a welcome silence in the car now that I have changed them.
  4. Well I bought that kit from ebay only to realise it is not the exact same thing. The one from ebay is longer and has three sets of rubbers and the one I took off the car had on 4 sets of rubber. I went ahead and changed it anyway so will see what happens.
  5. That is a lot of drilling :)
  6. From the album Barbados focus

    new steering rack just installed.
  7. I looked again and see the links they look something like http://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Ford-Focus-MK1-Rear-Anti-Roll-Bar-Link-Kit-/270784985349?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f0c0af905#ht_1101wt_1396 My car is 2006 and this part says it fits 2008 vehicles. Does anyone have the part for my year or can I go ahead and get this?
  8. Did anyone solve this? I have the exact same problem and I cant seem to find anything moving around in the back.
  9. Unfortunately I didnt do any real research into the issue until after I took it to the dealers. I only started digging because I have all this time waiting for my part to get ordered and replaced.
  10. Actually this is the sound I am getting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdin281BsKw&feature=related They said there is a major leak and it from the rack.
  11. Did you have an accident before the first rack died? Did you have to change the pump as well along with the rack? How long is the replacement? I am just curious as I am waiting on a new rack to arrive for my "no accident" focus and just want to get an idea from someone whos been there and done that.
  12. My 2006 focus with no accidents suddenly developed a noise when I try to turn right or left. I took it into the dealers and they insist it is my steering rack that needs replacement. How can a vehicle so young with regular dealer servicing develop a problem like this? Am I being ripped off? Where I am from the cost of a steering rack could buy a wide range of used cars.
  13. The last Item I bought was "Ford Focus MK2 Boot / Tailgate Lock Motor (220738447168)" from seller "mcamp1on". The original one I bought that didnt work was "2 x 12VDC Mabuchi Motor FC-280PT-20150 High RPM (350403568887)" from "activesurplus"
  14. I got the reverse direction as well but I wrote the seller and he send a link for the motor with the correct direction. Sad to say however that did not solve my problem. After 6 months of trying everything I was willing to do myself, I eventually went to the dealers and told them fix it. The solution ended up an electrical problem inside the car itself so now the trunk open light doesnt come on at nights anymore when I am driving.
  15. After reading this again I just realised you answered my question about the trunk open light. How did you go about getting a motor that turns in the correct direction without have to cut and reverse wires? can you modify one of the motors that turn in the wrong direction to make it work properly? I have decided I will not allow the dealers to fix this one so however long it takes I will be fixing this myself.