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  1. Fuel Light

    No mine is the LX so doesn't have a trip computer. But seem to be getting 37 mpg round town roughly not sure if thats the norm. Matty
  2. Fuel Light

    Thanks for that, it also helps me get a rough idea what I'm getting MPG as well. Matty
  3. Fuel Light

    Hello all I was just wondering if any one knew the answer to the following questions, I have a 06 1.8 tdci lx and would like to know approx how many miles of fuel are left in the tank when the fuel warning light comes on and when it gets really low will it flash or does it just stay lit. Thanks for any advice Matty
  4. Hello just after some help just purchased 06 Focus C max 1.8 TDCI LX but battery had died and nobody had a record of the code. My serial number is M055232 so if someone could get the code so i can get some music that would great.