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  1. Fiesta Mk4 Central Locking?

    hi it is as 1.2 lx
  2. Fiesta Mk4 Central Locking?

    hi i have just bought a fiesta mk4 on a R reg and was wondering if this would have central locking if so it doesn't seem to work, if it should have central locking what could be causing it not to work.. on another thing when it is started up and running it seems to be stuttering but you do not get this when driving the car any suggestions as to what this could be as well many thanks
  3. Clutch

    it's a 96 galaxy
  4. Clutch

    i have a problem getting into gears i have been told that the clutch might need bleeding can this be done? if so how would it be done? many thanks
  5. Bonnet Will Not Open

    hi there i have a ford galaxy aspen 1996 now the problem i have is i can not get teh bonnet open as the cable has snapped off at the lever inside the car , i can see a lever or some kind of catch at the front near the grill but this does not seem to do anything anybody got any ideas on how i can open the bonnet preferably without damaging the bonnet itself. any help would be much appreciated guys thanks